Learning Spanish from young age is the best way to guarantee successful life-long mastery of the language, not to mention giving your child an enormous career-wise boost. With Spanish holding on as one of the most widely spoken languages in the world, (soon to replace English in the United States!) it is becoming a must-learn language for kids.

Thankfully, language learning is no longer confined to sitting in a hot classroom reciting verbs all day long!  The choice of destinations is rivalled only by the amazing choice of activities young learners can do to help them learn. Football in Spanish with FC Barcelona, water sports in Majorca... a far cry from the old days!

  • Sejour linguistique espagnol espagne jeunes ados


    Un stage linguistique en Espagne a tous les avantages pour offrir des destinations parfaites pour les camps d'été des jeunes qui partent apprendre l'espagnol : Offrez à vos enfants ou à vos adolescents des séjours linguistiques en espagnol grâce à nos superbes camps d'été à travers l'Espagne.