Spain has the advantage of offering teenagers all the most amazing destinations for learning Spanish on an never-to-be-forgotten summer camp. From the seaside of Palma, to the university town of Salamanca, from sport to culture, there's something for everyone - even the most recalcitrant young adult!

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  • sejour linguistique ete Cadiz activities torre tavira

    Cadiz - beachy summer 13 - 17

    By the beach Cadiz

    17.06 - 9.08.2019: How about learning Spanish by the beach this summer... and maybe learning to surf as well? This is an amazing Spanish and beach destination for adolescents! Learn and have fun!

  • jun15

    Seville - Spanish & home 14 - 17

    Centre of Seville

    30.06 - 26.07.2019: Get ahead learning Spanish in one of Europe's most beautiful cities. Live with a Spanish family and explore! Great for more independent kids wanting a little liberty.

  • stage linguistique espagnol jeunes ados espagne salamanca la ville

    Salamanca teens 13 - 15

    Close to Salamanca university

    2.06 - 24.08.2019: Discover this university town and dive in to Spanish while living with a local family. Spanish and activities during the week, and Sundays with the family.

  • sejour linguistique espagnol ados jeunes adultes 16 17 18 ans espagne salamanca centre ville

    Salamanca Young Adults 16-18

    Close to Samanaca university

    2.06 - 24.08.2019: The summer Spanish programme offer courses and activities to future adults who would like a little more freedom, but still appreciate an organised programme of activities and excursions.

  • stage linguistique en immersion espagnol espagne chez le professeur soleil

    Teacher's Home Spain

    Spanish courses in the teacher's home - courses where you or your child lives with the teacher and their family - are by far the most cost-effective way of making great strides in a language.