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In the middle of a pine grove, a stone's throw from a private beach and in a secure private camp this camp offers everything you could want for a summer of Italian. A swimming pool, basketball courts, tennis courts, volleyball, it's all there for students coming from the four corners of the globe. Access to the camp, strictly limited to participants only, offers a level of security and supervision essential to summer camps for teenagers.

Despite the fact you you are here to study, practise and improve your Italian (max. 12 students per class!), it's going to still feel like you're on holiday; and it's this combination of serious fun that makes this a winning camp for both parents and students.

The camp is divided into 3 age-groups: 12-14, 14-16 and 17-18. The youngest age-group receives the most intensive supervision, while the oldest can make the most of the extra freedom accorded to them (see below). In the afternoons and on weekends there are activities, excursions and games. Accommodation is on campus in the residence; full-board.

Going to Lignano is: the opportunity of having an awesome summer experience learning Italian by the beach with new friends from around the world, in a secure, safe and pretty campus.

Italian classes

Here at Lignano courses start from beginner and go all the way through - meaning all levels of ability are catered for. There's an evaluation test on your first day, and classes are organised by both level and age. You'll find there's a mix of revision and new structures to discover as you deepen your knowledge of the loveliest language on the planet (don't tell the French, they think theirs is the best!). It's not all grammar and vocabulary though: You'll also learn using games and fun activities to make sure that classes are stimulating and fun. 


One full-day excursion per week is planned in the programme. Normally this takes place on Thursday and gives students the chance to discover the region (check out the photos of students in Venice).


There's a fantastic range of activities available - all designed to A) let you speak Italian, B) make sure you are not bored and C) make new friends. There are sports, games, creative pursuits, and don't forget the beach. Students are separated by age during the activities.

Sport :

Football, tennis, basketball, beach volleyball, waterpolo, swimming, roller-skating, aerobics, etc. If you are really keen it's also possible to play tennis or take horse-riding lessons - for an extra fee (of course!).

CReative Pastimes (non solo arte!) :

Cooking lessons, t-shirt painting, costume making, and other fun stuff etc..


It's also possible to simply have a great time at the private beach linked to the campus, either just relaxing or taking part in water-based games. The advantage of having a private beach is that it guarantees a limited access and therefore increases security.  In the evenings even more activities are organised like beach parties (age appropriate), discos and outdoor films.

Students who are desperate can also pay extra and take part in other excursions like bowling or mini-golf (from about €5)


Supervision depends on which of the 3 age-groups the child belongs :

Juniors 12-14

Activities are adapted to this younger group, and strictly supervised. Juniors are not allowed to leave the camp alone or wander the campus. In addition to the weekly excursions, 3 activities per week outside the village are planned: Shopping trips, seaside walks etc are what may be expected. Lights out at 22:30. 1 monitor for every 10 juniors.

Teens 14-16

Once again activities are age-appropriate and adapted to teenage needs and wishes, and properly supervised. Teenagers may move about the campus freely and independently, however camp monitors are there to make sure that students stick to the rules regarding smoking and alcohol. As for the juniors, there's a weekly excursion and activities off campus are also organised. During these activities and excursions the students have some freedom and regular rendez-vous with monitors means they stay within reasonable contact. Lights out at 23:00 (11pm for the non-military). 1 monitor per 15 teenagers.

Young adults 17-18

For these older students the emphasis is placed on activities that are enjoyable for their age, and give them a chance to really explore their linguistic creativity. They get to make the most of this extra freedom and have the right to move around the camp and outside as they wish. Monitors are there to help and guide them as well as make sure they keep to the rules. Lights out at midnight (12.00).  1 monitor for 15 seniors.

Arrivals & Departures

An airport welcome and transfers to and from the camp are organised by the schools. 
The airports and time frame available are below - please read!! :)


Arrivals and departures SUNDAYS - except:
- the last week-end: departure day is Saturday 29th July 2017 (no exceptions)
- in the case of individual students NOT requiring a transfert, Saturday can also be a departure day.

Airport transfers from:

- Venice €160 return
- Trieste €160 return
- Treviso €200 return
- Latisana train station : €75 return


Arrival and departure on Sundays (except for the last week - departure on Saturday 29.07.17).

Arrival and departure between 9:00 and 18:00

Sample Timetable

This is what a week might look like at Lignano !
Day Mornings Afternoons Evenings
Sunday Arrival, evaluation test Orientation,  beach Welcome evening
Monday Italian class

2x 1.30hr sport


Evening in the city
Tuesday Italian class

2x 1.30hr sport


Fun on the beach
Wednesday Italian class creative workshop & sport Evening at Lignano Pineta
Day Trip
Open Air film
Friday Italian class

2x 1.30hr sport/activites 


Saturday Italian class creative workshop & sport Luna Park
Sunday Departures Day of Aquasplash Treasure hunt
The information above is for example purposes only.


Tout s'est bien passé. Niels y était pour la deuxième fois et il était très content, même enthousiaste. Merci pour l’organisation !

Jan U., maman de Niels