Living in Europe we all know how important German is for your career and future job prospects. It's no surprise that it ranks alongside English as one of most learned second-languages. For all that is said about it, it's a language that we enjoy immensely and take enormous pleasure in finding the very best schools and summer camps in Germany and Austria for younger learners to improve both their knowledge and ability of the language as much as their enjoyment and appreciation of it. There's a massive range of camps on offer, and if we here at Aventure Linguistique were young enough, we'd all be heading off the Berlin Villa or Berlin Riverside (among others) for a few weeks of summer German language improvement!

  • Porte Brandebourg


    Pour les ados, les jeunes et les enfants, nous vous proposons des summer camps et des cours d'allemand sélectionnés avec grand soin.

  • stage linguistique cours allemand autriche photo by daniel plan


    Austria is the perfect place for a Young Learners summer language camp.A world apart, this peaceful country gives kids the chance not just to improve and practice their German but also experience this beautiful, historical country and the welcome of its inhabitants.