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Live and learn German in your teacher's home!  
Are you looking for a true total immersion programme for your child to learn German? Then look no further! Have structured German language lessons in the very home you live in from a qualified German teacher. Then after the formal classes, hang out with the teacher and their family living an authentic, everyday German life and doing fun, planned activities.
All our programmes offer a set number of hours language lessons plus a number of fun activities, so you (or your child) will never be bored. (For example, 15 hours lessons + 5 hours activities per week.)

Programmes are Sunday - Sunday. 
NB: For students less than 13 years old the "Cocooning Option" is compulsory. That is, having the teacher or adult member of the family present at all times to supervise your child. For other students under 18, this can be added as an optional weekly extra when booking.

German courses/programmes:

  • German + Sports (Tennis, horse-riding, golf)
    • 15 hours German + 3 sport sessions. (Tennis, horse-riding, golf) 
  • German + General Activities
    • Course hours depend on combination selected

A 2:1 version of all programmes is always available for 2 students of the same school level and age. Please ask us for more information. Shared room.


What kind of activities are offered on the General Activities programme?
Examples of activities are: films/cinema, bowling, mini-golf, swimming pool, farm visit, cooking, local sightseeing and excursions, shopping, creative arts, board games  etc etc etc.

What do students do the rest of the time?
Be with the family. Do homework. With permission, explore the local area alone. A little like if they were staying with cousins. There is some down time where they are a little independent.

What if I'm uncomfortable with my child being alone?
See "Cocooning Option" above. If you think your child needs more activities just ask and we can add them.
You can also specify certain criteria like bed-times, dietary requests etc.

Will the region I want always be available?
It depends on when you book and what other requests you've made. Summer fills up very quickly. (We suggest booking before end of February!)
We request that you choose 3 regions in order of preference. *Some sports programmes are only available in certain regions.

What if I don't like the teacher profile?
When we send you a profile you have two days during which you can reject it - otherwise we'll assume you've accepted and the reservation is confirmed. If the teacher doesn't match the criteria, we can look again. Quite honestly, we don't suggest unsuitable teachers. It's a waste of everyone's time. If we send you a teacher profile, it's the best match available.

Can the teacher change after confirmation?
Very occasionally, yes. For example, a teacher might cancel because of family issues, sickness etc. It's very, rare rare, but people do get sick sometimes (even teachers)! In that case, we'll do our best to find a suitable replacement.

Can you guarantee that a family will have another child of the same age?
No. We are happy to take requests and will do our best to fulfil them however placement also depends on availability, compatibility, health requirements (allergies diet etc.)
In our experience having family members of the same age is not necessarily always a positive experience. 

How does it work?

1. After asking us all your questions, you decide that this is a programme you want for your child. :)

2. Complete the enrolment form on-line, pay the deposit

3. A couple of days later, we'll send you a teacher profile to confirm

And it's that easy! :)

Arrivals and departures
Courses are Sunday - Sunday (unless you request otherwise). It's up to you to reserve your flight tickets (only after your booking has been confirmed). Once we have your flight details we'll organise the transfer.
Note: Not all airports are available. Do ensure that you land at the correct airport where transfers are available. 
Please think about the time it takes to come from and go to the airport. Students under 16 MUST reserve return transfers unless a parent is collecting them from the teacher's home.
We'll also need the mobile number of all students who request a transfer.


Arrival Day: Sunday
Departure Day: Sunday


Arrivals: 09:00 - 19:00
Departures: 10:00 - 19:00
Transfers outside these hours will be charged a supplement.
NB: These are aircraft landing and departure times!