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Yes, here you'll improve your German in a medieval style castle-fort just on the edge of Munich. The Castle is located on the banks of the river Isar close to lots of local activities. Of course, you'll have plenty of opportunities to visit Munich city, but you'll also get to see lots of other cool places in the area.
The castle was built in 1843 by a rich eccentric, and (thankfully) has been recently renovated: Throughout the year it welcomes international seminars, so is extremely well-equipped for summer fun. Located about 10km south of the centre of Munich, it's the ideal place for mixing some city visits with other more outdoor excursions.

General info

This summer language camp is strictly for 14-17 year olds. You do German in the mornings, then after lunch and a break, you get to visit the region during the activities and excursions planned by the school and accompanied by camp staff.

German courses

As with all our programmes your German courses start with a test... (!) though not a nasty one - just a test to find out your level so that you can be placed in the right class and make the most progress. The classes are sorted both by level and by age. Remember though, you need to be at least an elementary student (that is, have taken some German at school or study some German) to join the camp. It's not for complete and utter beginners.
There are four lessons are day, most in the mornings, five days per week.


This programme include one full-day excursion a week, and one half-day excursion per week. (You can't stay in the castle all the time!) Generally you'll go to Munich or explore other sights in the area.


Apart from the German lessons and the excursions there are also plenty of things to do. Two activities are planned every day, either in the camp or around the camp rafting, swimming, volleyball, mini-golf, etc etc. The activities are done always run by the school with surveillance present, and have as always the idea that they provide an environment for practicing German.

Arrivals et Departures

The castle is not too far from the centre of Munich, making it easy to get to - and transfers are included in the price. You'll find detail information about arriving and departing below, but a couple of important points: Please keep inside the time frame offered for the free transfers - otherwise you'll have to pay for an out of hours private transfer. Expect to wait a bit at the airport or station, arrivals are grouped together. Try not to leave too early in the morning on leaving day, otherwise you may have to wake up in the middle of the night to get to the airport on time!


Arrival and departure day is SUNDAY:
Transfers available from:
Munich airport of main train station

Extra transfer out of schedule : 100 euros per way


Arrivals and departures Sunday between:
-09:00 and 17:00
*NB* These are landing and take-off times

Sample Timetable

  Sunday Monday Tuesday Wednesday Thursday Friday Saturday

- Arrival until 5 pm

- Language test

- Welcome evening

4 German lessons 4 German lessons 4 German lessons 4 German lessons 4 German lessons Excursion to Bavaria Film Studios
Afternoon Academy of arts Shopping in Munich Swimming in River Isar Treasure hunt through city center of Munich Sports or visit to Munich on your own
Evening Open air movie Rallye in the park Barbecue Cycling along river Isar Visit to Bavarian Biergarten
The information above is for example purposes only.