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Years of experience make this a great camp for younger kids and first-timers. 20 German lessons a week given by experience, qualified teachers who know how to help kids learn while having fun. Classes are formed after a level test is completed on the first morning, so that students are in the appropriate class and by age. The lowest class available is elementary (which means the student should have done at least some German already).
Classes are designed to be fun and interactive. Depending on the level you'll find that there is likely to be some revision of work done in class at school, as well as new material and vocabulary introduced.
Combined with activities that encourage the students to use their German (the language of the camp - though if there's a worry they will use whatever language is necessary to get the message through!) the camp becomes much more than just a place to have lessons.


Josefstal - Young and Fun

20 lessons - 15hr / week + activities

From € 1,760


There are also options available: Tennis (3 x 60 minutes/week) or football (3 x 90 minutes/week) that you can add to this programme.

  • Age
    7 years - max.14
  • Level(s)
    All Levels
  • 1 Lesson
    45 minutes
  • Course start
    23/6/2019 - 11/8/2019
wk(s) - 2019 Price
2 € 1,760
3 € 2,610
4 € 3,460
5 € 4,310
6 € 5,160
7 € 6,010
  • All Levels
  • 7 years - max.14 Minimum