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Here's a really cool German language programme for adolescents with lots of cool options not far from the Swiss border. Located only a few minutes from the centre of Freiburg, you'll mix with other adolescents from all over Europe and the world. It will give you the chance to improve your German in a relaxed, friendly setting while exploring German culture. 

German Courses

After an initial level test you are placed in the class that is right for you.
German classes take place Monday-Friday 4x45 minute lessons (20 lessons per week).

The German courses are taught by qualified German teachers and will cover reading, writing, listening, speaking - grammar underpins all four skills. There's a level test every Friday :)
Don't worry, it's not learning German at school. It's far more interactive and fun.


Every week there's a full day excursion (generally on Sunday) and a half-day excursions You'll go to places like Europa Park (!) or Basel for the day or hiking or to Freiburg shopping for a half day.  


Every afternoon after class a range of activities are included in the programme. You might go swimming, play volleyball or football, go rock climbing, bowling, have a camp fire and more.

Sundays are generally a "free" day to spend with your host family.
For those in the Youth Hostel activities are offered but optional. It might be hiking and other small excursions, accompanied into the city centre and some informal sports games. But you don't have to join in.
Sunday evenings there are always games and a welcome for the new students organised

Arrivals and departures

Arrival day is Sunday and the leaving/departure day is Saturday. The closest airport is Basel.
Please stay with the transfer window times to avoid extra charges for private transfers.


Transfers from:
Basel (150€), 
Frankfurt airports (245€)
Freiburg train station (free)
Don't forget the arrival/departure window!

Transfers outside the times FROM €150 one way


Arrivals SUNDAYS
Departures  SATURDAYS
10:00 - 18:00
*NB - these are landing and take-off times!

Sample Timetable

  Sunday Monday Tuesday Wednesday Thursday Friday Saturday

- Arrival day

-Optional activities or free day with host family

- Welcome evening

4 German lessons 4 German lessons 4 German lessons 4 German lessons German + weekly test

Free time morning

Shopping Freiburg or free sports time

Afternoon Activities Activities Half-day excursion hiking Activities  Activities o
Evening Sports tournament Video evening Olympic Games BBQ Disco Party Free evening
The information above is for example purposes only.