Berlin is one of the most popular destinations for adults to learn German - no surprise - but it's also extremely popular among young learners and young adults. Students at (in particular) summer camps in and around Berlin have the opportunity to discover and make the most of the the city while staying within the safety of an organised structure.

In Berlin there's a clear progression of summer language camps; from Berlin Riverside and Berlin Water Sports offering complete surveillance, followed by a great (and exceptionally popular) residential programme for older adolescents with much more freedom but still with certain rules (Berlin Villa), and finally Berlin College with its on campus studio accommodation, German courses in the afternoon and complete freedom where the oldest students are treated as adults.  

The city itself, apart from being one of the most beautiful and interesting in Europe is surrounded by lakes and fantastic countryside which makes for great summer language centres!

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  • sejour linguistique jeunes ados allemagne allemand activites berlin jeunes adultes

    Berlin College 16-18 year-olds

    Prenzlauer Berg, Berlin

    23.06 - 18.08.2019: The perfect German language school experience for young adults wanting complete freedom and complete organisation - all in the very heart of Berlin.

  • sejour linguistique jeunes ados allemagne allemand activites berlin visite

    Berlin Villa 16-17 year olds

    Kurfürstendamms, Berlin

    28.06-09.08.2020: This is your own shared house where you eat, sleep, play and go to class (20 lessons/week) with your housemates. It's your very own base to improve your German and explore all that Berlin has to offer.

  • sejour linguistique jeunes ados allemagne allemand activites berlin visite

    Berlin Centre 15-17 year olds

    Charlottenburg, Berlin

    28.06 - 02.08.2020: Learn German right next to Castle Charlottenburg, 300m from the river Spree in the centre of West Berlin. Explore the city, exercise your German, and meet students like you while living and learning under one roof.

  • sejour linguistique jeunes ados allemagne allemand intensif activites berlin etudiants ville

    Berlin Westend 14-17 year-olds

    Berlin West

    28.06 - 09.08.2020: Cool German courses for ados with activities, excursions and accommodation, a stone's throw from the heart of Berlin.

  • stage linguistique allemagne Berlin jeunes ados sports nautiques etudiants

    Berlin Water Sports 12-16 year olds

    Wolzigsee, 30km from Berlin

    28.06 - 09.08.2020: On the outskirts of Berlin on the banks of a lovely lake, this camp is great for kids who like water-based activities. Day trips to Berlin. Accommodation on site.

  • sejour linguistique jeunes enfants allemagne allemand activites berlin dans l eau

    Berlin for Kids 7-14 years

    Lac Zeuthen - Berlin

    21.06 - 16.08.2020: On a beautiful campus offering security, fantastic infrastructure and a plethora of things to do, this summer German language camp is a great choice for younger kids and first-time language travellers.