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Your accommodation is at the centre, making life a whole lot easier.
You be in shared bedrooms of 3-4 beds, each room with its own shower and toilet. The school mixes nationalities among the bedrooms as much as possible to encourage mixing and render German the common language. Everything is provided (more or less, we'll send you a list of clothes you'll need etc after you've booked) and washing is done once a week.


All students are on full board served in the camp restaurant. It probably won't be as good as what you get at home, (nothing beats home cooking) but that's summer school!


Residence - included

Shared room, full-board

From € 0
  • Age
  • Popularity of accommodation
  • Distance
    On campus
  • Availability
    23 June - 11 Aug 2019
wk(s) - 2019 Price
1 - 9 € 0 / wk
  • 12 Minimum