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Berlin Water Sports summer German language camp is located in the village of Blössin, about 30km from Berlin. The grounds of the camp are right on the edge of Lake Wolzig making access to water-based fun, easy.After your morning German courses, you'll attack the afternoon activities, which are, for the most part, based around the lake.
The centre has its own sailing centre. So when you've  finished working on your German in the classroom, you'll get to try sailing in a dinghy or perhaps a catamaran as well as some canoeing. One of the advantages here, is that there are also German kids at the centre (not on this particular programme) who are also there for the sailing centre - a great opportunity to meet some locals and use the German you've learned. Because the centre is not from Berlin, water sports will not be the only thing you do: there are visits/excursions to the city during the week as part of the programme.
Make the most of summer with a study programme by the lake, while also discovering the Berlin!

General Info

The has two main themes .. can you guess? ... German and water. You do your German courses in the mornings (Monday-Friday), while the afternoons and evenings are  devoted to water sports as well as other activities, and trips and excursions. 

German Courses

All Germans courses are provided on site by qualified and experienced German language teachers. The idea is that you also have fun while learning (it is summer after all), so lessons are interactive. Like all centres, classes are sorted by language level/ability. Maximum in a class is 12.


Every week there are activities and excursions outside of the camp. it's during this time that you'll get to visit Berlin or other famous places in the region like Potsdam. There's a full-day excursions per week organised and another half-day. Generally these take place on the weekends, but there is some flexibility in the timetable


The idea behind the activity programme is that you won't be bored. that you'll have an opportunity to practice your German in a setting outside of the classroom, that you get to see something outside of the camp and that you also have a little free time to breathe! Obviously, with its own sailing/aquatic centre and all the gear necessary right there, most of the afternoon activities will be based around water - but not all. There's other things to do than just sailing:

  • canoeing
  • sailing
  • SUP
  • climbing wall
  • biking etc

In the evenings other activities are also planned, such as :

  • Quiz nights
  • Barbecues
  • Films, etc..

Organisation of Activities

Obviously not everyone can do all activities at the same time, so on the first Monday students are placed into activity groups.

Usually, there are 3 different water sports activities per week and one not water-based activity.
For example (not fixed!):
Group 1:
Monday - Sailing
Tuesday - Inline hockey
Wednesday - Berlin
Thursday - Canoeing
Friday - SUP
Group 2:
Monday - SUP
Tuesday- Canoeing
Wednesday - Berlin
Thursday - Sailing
Friday - Inline hockey
The activities change every week. If it is raining there will be different other indoor activities.

Arrivals and Departures

To make the most of the transfers included in the price, check out the transfer times below. If you arrive outside of these times or need a special, private transfer, then you'll be charged a supplement. (Try to avoid it. t's usually not necessary.)

Just let us know when you reserve whether in principle you'll be needing a transfer, and we'll get the details from you later.


Meet and greet, plus transfers from:
- Berlin's main airports (Tegel, Schonenfeld) 
- and train station.

Stick to the time frame provided for free transfers.
Out of hours transfers are billed at €120 one-way - ouch!


Arrivals and departures SUNDAYS between : - 09:00 & 17:00
These are landing and take-off times. You must be between these hours. (School rules!)

Sample Timetable

  Sunday Monday Tuesday Wednesday Thursday Friday Saturday

- Arrival until 5 pm

- Language test

- Welcome evening

4 German lessons 4 German lessons 4 German lessons 4 German lessons 4 German lessons Full-day excursion to Potsdam and Sanssouci Castle
Afternoon Canoe or Volleyball Surfing or Inline skating Half day excursion to Berlin: Brandenburg Gate and Shopping in Mitte Canoe polo or soccer Sailing or basketball
Evening Breakdance Campfire (weather permitting) Film Disco Barbecue Party
The information above is for example purposes only.


Je reviens vers vous afin de vous remerciée d’avoir été très présente et à l’écoute de mes inquiétudes pendants le long séjour de Walter
Je pense que dans l’ensemble Walter a apprécié son séjour et que le principal et le but de ce séjour était de faire des progrès en Allemand en vue d’ améliorer son niveau et de l’encourager à continuer cette langue. Il est satisfait et il me semble qu’il a acquis de très bonnes bases et que cela va vraiment l’aider.
J’ai trouvé votre organisation très aboutie, tout s’est très bien passé et cela a été très rassurant. Merci encore.

Catherine LT., maman de Walter