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The Villa is a home, your home for a couple weeks while you learn German and explore Berlin. It's where you take your classes as well as meet other students from around the world. In total there's room (beds) for about 40 people. Students can leave the Villa alone or in small groups with the permission of the Director. Still, they must respect the curfew (as well as the rules of the house) and be in their rooms at the agreed time. (Details of the times are in our Departure Pack, available after reservation).


Full-board (breakfast, lunch and dinner) in the cafeteria/dining room.

NB: The Villa has limited capacity and is very in-demand. It is usually fully-booked by March. Please contact us early to secure your place.

The Villa

Shared room, full-board

From € 0


Live in the Villa, eat, sleep, laugh, learn...

  • Shared rooms 3-5 beds
  • Boys and girls housed on separate sides of the Villa
  • Toilets and showers are in the hallways.
  • Wi-fi is available
  • Full-board with meals taken in the Villa cafeteria/restaurant
  • Age
  • Popularity of accommodation
    Extremely high!
  • Distance
    In situ
  • Availability
    23/6/2019 - 11/8/2019
wk(s) - 2019 Price
1 - 9 € 0 / wk
  • 16 Minimum