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Not many places have had as much as success with young adults coming to learn German as the "Villa". It's not surprising though as it offers the best of of everything. It's your own shared house, where you eat, sleep, play and go to class and go to class with your housemates. It's you're very own base to improve your German and explore all that Berlin has to offer.


Not too big or too small as a programme (about 40 participants at one time), it's got a garden, cafeteria, classrooms and bedrooms all under one roof. You'll be sharing the house with other students from all over the world who have also come to explore Berlin. And the strict age limit means that you're only with people the same age as you*. (No wonder those ex-students who are now too old are so disappointed.)
*The age range is strictly applied. Only 16 or 17 year olds at the time of the camp allowed.

Here you get treated like a young adult. You get up, have breakfast, get yourself to class - study really hard, learn lots - all while having a good time. Your classes are run by professional German teachers from one of Berlin's finest language schools. And while they make learning fun, it's still learning. On top of that you're encouraged by the staff to speak German at all times, inside class and out, so you'll have every opportunity to make the progress you need.

After class there are activities organised every day, but they are not compulsory. You can also leave the Villa with friends after class to check out the city, if you'd prefer. (Just sign out, sign in, be back by the curfew, obey the rules, and you're good). 

It's easy to do as well, because Berlin Villa is located close to the heart of Berlin, near Kurfürstendamm, one of the most famous avenues in Berlin - and great for shopping.

As a programme it's the perfect step between a classic 100% organised summer camp like Berlin Riverside and a programme with complete freedom like Berlin College. Basically it's a your own private school plus youth hostel; full-board and shared bedrooms with 3 or 4 beds, toilets and showers on the floor. (Boys and girls on separate sides of the house, well separated!)

If you'd like a bit more freedom and you like the idea of exploring Berlin with a bunch of other people the same age as you, you can't really get better than this.

General Info

The Villa runs on a pretty standard formula: German courses in the morning, activities, visits and fun in the afternoons and evenings.

Because of your age, the Villa gives you a bit more freedom than  in a camp aimed at younger kids. For that reason, the activities and excursions offered after class are not compulsory. Still, you'll find that most of the students participate most of the time. It's why you're there - to learn while having fun. (Still no-one is going to make you join the volleyball game in the garden.)

German classes

You'll find that here, your German teachers are going to have as much fun as you, their student. The interactive teaching style creates a relaxed, but serious atmosphere, allowing you to not simply improve your German, but also get to know your teachers and your classmates from around the world. There's a test the first Monday morning to make sure you are in the right class for your level, and your progress is closely monitored.

The lessons are well-structured around a base of grammar, with reading, listening, and writing practice all covered. Don't worry, you'll also have ample opportunity to practice speaking both in the class and out. You are sure to review some of the material you've covered in school during the year as well as some new vocabulary and structures. Remember, other participants are coming from all over the place, so the teachers don't know exactly what you have or haven't covered. They will however, make very sure that you are stretched at your personal level. 

The crucial info is:

  • 20 German lessons (of 45 min.) / week
  • Max 12 students / class
  • Morning classes Monday - Friday
  • Levels from Beginner to Advanced


There's one day-long trip organised per week in or around Berlin. Of course, there is always supervision and and teachers on the excursion, but they are not compulsory. Normally they take place on the Saturday. Potsdam, Sachsenhausen, are some examples of where you might go.


In the afternoon, after lunch (of course!) the school organises a bunch of activities for you and stuff to do. They are supposed to be enjoyable, not annoying, and usually you'll find that most people quite like them. And yes, they do change every day. You might visit or do, for example :

  • The Reichstag & Potsdamer Platz
  • Swim at Wannsee
  • Go rowing on the "Neuen See"
  • Take a guided tour around Prenzlauer Berg

There's also plenty of things planned for the evenings, things like :

  • A pub night*
  • A barbecue at the Villa
  • Films 

*For parents: don't worry! In Germany the drinking age for "light alcohol" like beer is 16. The students may go to a garden bar, but drunkenness, illegal drinking, etc etc is simply not tolerated in any way.

Arrivals & Departures

This is a Sunday -Sunday course : Please read the transfers times below. Arrival or departure outside of these times will incur a private transfer supplementary fee. (You want to avoid that, if you can.)
During these times though, transfers are included in the price. Just tell us at the time of the reservation (when you complete the form).  Closer to the date we'll ask for your flight/train details.
If you don't want a transfer, you can go straight to the Villa. We just need to know about what time you'll be arriving.


Airport pick-ups and transfers from  :
Berlin's major airports and train stations (Tegel, Schonenfeld...)

Stick to the advertised arrival and departure time slot!
Transfers out of hours - €80 one-way


Arrivals and departures are SUNDAYS between :
- 09:00 to 17:00
*Achtung ! : These are landing and take-off times! No cheating!

Sample Timetable

  Sunday Monday Tuesday Wednesday Thursday



- Arrival until 5 pm

- Language test

- Welcome evening

4 lessons German 4 lessons German 4 lessons German 4 lessons German 4 lessons German Full day excursion to Potsdam
Afternoon Sports and Games at Treptower Park or walk to the Brandenburg Gate German Historical Museum or Beach Volleyball Swimming or walking tour to Kurfürstendamm Berlin Bunker tour or Minigolf Walking tour in Prenzlauer Berg or Jewish Museum
Evening Karaoke Wellness-Evening Open air cinema Reichstag Boat tour Beach Bar
The information above is for example purposes only.