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You're 14 - 17 years old and you want to go to Berlin to learn German (or improve it), but you want a bit more than a standard summer camp? Then this may be the one you're looking for. A programme offering either 4 or 5 German lessons a day (instead of just the usual 4) as well as activities and excursions in and around Berlin.
You'll be joined by about 60 other students from around Europe and the world on the campus, where everything will be organised for you: courses, great accommodation, activities, excursions, meals in the cafeteria and of course, an amazing international atmosphere. 

The campus is located in Berlin, about 20 minutes from Mitte in the west of the city, close to the Berlin Olympic Stadium and a metro station. The courses and accommodation are held at the centre. Students are placed in 2 bedded rooms with their own bathroom.
The schedule includes German courses in the mornings, 4 or 5 x 45-minute lessons per day, with the afternoons dedicated to fun, visits, and funky stuff Berlin-style in around the city.

German Courses

After an initial German evaluation test, you'll be placed in the right class for your level. There's a maximum of 12 students in each class and 4 levels are offered: beginners, elementary, intermediate and advanced. The courses are given by teachers from one of the finest German language schools in Berlin. You'll cover a range of material according to your German level. The teachers are all experienced and the teaching, while serious, is also designed to be fun to help you learn as much as possible during your stay. 


Each week, on Saturdays, an outing around Berlin is organised. During the week, under the banner "activities" usually once a week another trip is also organised to places like Potsdam.


In the afternoon the school has a range of things to do organised - all age appropriate. Sports, swimming, visits around Berlin city (which is magical in summer) etc etc, and then in the evenings there are barbecues (not every night!) films, parties etc. Everything is done is German, so while no one can force your teenager to speak German 100% of the time, the conditions are there for them to make as much of their stay as possible.

Arrivals et Departures

Airport welcomes, and transfers are organised by the school from the main airports and train station (Hb). The students are grouped together so there may be some waiting, but not too much.
The time slots as well as arrival and departures are noted below. Coming or leaving outside of the time window is possible, but you'll be charged for a private transfer. Extra nights are also occasionally possible (depending on availability of beds), but again these are also chargeable.

If you request an airport pick-up (as most people do) we'll request you flight details as early as possible in order to organise stress free transfers!


Transfers from Berlin's main airports and train station:
Tegel, Schoenenfeld

Transfers included in the price IF during the transfer times indicated below
Out of hours private transfers €80 each way


Arrivals and departures SUNDAYS between: -09:00 - 17:00
*NB: These are plane landing and take-off times!

Sample Timetable

  Mornings Afternoons Evenings
Sunday Arrivals (till 1700); German test, welcome party
Monday 4 or 5 German lessons Boat trip around Museum Island Barbecue
Tuesday 4 or 5 German lessons Berlin Tiergarten and Lake Neuer See Games
Wednesday 4 or 5 German lessons Babminton or cycling tour video evening
Thursday 4 or 5 German lessons Berlin Wall and walk along River Spree Karaoke
Friday 4 or 5 German lessons Museum at Checkpoint Charly Party
Saturday Excursion to Potsdam and Castle Sanssouci Show
Sunday Leaving day or swimming Welcome Party



The information above is for example purposes only.