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Spend your summer learning German in the centre of old West Berlin surrounded by other students from around the world just like you. A stone's throw from the river Spree and Castle Charlottenburg, this programme will help you improve your German (or fill in the holes from this year!) while exploring the capital.
You live and learn in the same hotel-hostel base, eating, sleeping, learning under the same roof. Bedrooms (separated, of course) are 3-bedded with shower and toilet. (Single and 2-bed rooms are available at a surcharge). 
German classes are in the morning leaving the afternoons free to head off for supervised activities and visits around the capital.
With a maximum capacity of about 60, this programme is the perfect size for maximum fun and learning: big enough to have a great atmosphere, small enough so that no one is anonymous.

German Classes

Before you arrive there's a short German test to complete, backed up by an oral test on arrival to make sure you are placed in the class that's correct for your level. Four levels are available beginner, elementary, intermediate and advanced.
Provided by one of Berlin's most reputable German language schools, the lessons are well-structured covering grammar and focussing on the main skills or reading, writing, listening, speaking. 
Don't expect a class to be as boring as at your school. Here the focus is on interactive learning - speaking and participating are both expected and central to your learning.

  • 20 German lessons (of 45 min.) / week
  • Max 12 students / class
  • Morning classes Monday - Friday
  • Four levels from Beginner to Advanced


Each week there are full-day excursion (usually Saturdays) to somewhere fascinating like Potsdam and Castle Sanssouci. You'll also get out and about in Berlin as part of the "activities" like pedal-boating on the river Spree, visiting the wall etc etc. 


The centre of Berlin gives you lots of opportunities to explore the city, as well as do stuff around your accommodation base. Some typical things:

  • Pedal boat the Spree
  • Computer Games museum (and play)
  • Berlin Wall exploration
  • Beach volleyball

There's also plenty of things planned for the evenings, things like :

  • Bouldering, table tennis competitions, 
  • Barbecues
  • Hitting Lake Wannasee
  • Films 

Arrivals & Departures

This is a Sunday -Sunday course and transfers are included in the price. See details below
If you don't want a transfer, you can go straight to the Villa. We just need to know about what time you'll be arriving.


Airport pick-ups and transfers from  :
Berlin's major airports and train stations (Tegel, Schonenfeld...)

Stick to the advertised arrival and departure time slot!
Transfers out of hours - €80 one-way


Arrivals and departures are SUNDAYS between :
- 09:00 to 17:00

*Achtung ! : Your aircraft must arrive and take-off between these times! Waiting is not permitted.
Arrivals/departures outside these time will incur a supplementary charge each way.

Sample Timetable

  Sunday Monday Tuesday Wednesday Thursday



- Arrival until 5 pm

- Language test

- Welcome evening

4 lessons German 4 lessons German 4 lessons German 4 lessons German 4 lessons German Full day excursion to Potsdam
Afternoon Computer games museum Pedal boat the Spree Berlin Wall walk Museum Island Beach Volleyball
Evening Games Barbecue Table Tennis Bouldering Concert Lake Wannasee
The information above is for example purposes only.