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When you start talking about Vienna perhaps the first thing that leaps to mind is the magnificent Schönbrunn Palace and the accoutrements of an ancient royalty. But Vienna has a lot more to offer than that. Apart from the city itself there's the Wiener Prater a big public park for cycling or hanging out playing football, and home to reputedly the oldest amusement park in the world - often also called the "prater". All the shopaholics, can head off to Stephanplatz and buy up large, while people in the know won't let the chance to taste the most famous of Viennese cakes the "Sachertorter" escape them - trying it in the café of the same name.  

Or you might just do all these things while taking German at this amazing, unforgettable  summer camp!

General Info

This summer programme is based city centre. The classrooms and living areas are all in the same part of the building, and meals are served in the hostel's cafeteria. This makes it ideal for a city-based programme, avoiding any unnecessary trips from accommodation to schooling.

German Classes

German courses are given in classes of 10-12, (max.15), with an intensity of either 20 or 30 lessons per week. The classes are sorted by language ability levels after a test on the student's first day. Students come from all over Europe to learn German, providing the camp with its distinct international flavour. Despite the wide range of nationalities, one generally finds (with some variation) that language level follows age.

Included in the program:

  • 20 or 30 German lessons / week. (of 45 minutes)
  • Certificate
  • Accommodation in the Summer Residence
    • Standard rooms - 4-6 beds
    • Superior rooms - 3-4 beds with shower
  • Full-board
  • Social and activity programme afternoons and evenings

Options not included :

  • Full-day excursion
  • Half-day excursion
  • Tennis lessons (6/8/10)


From Monday to Friday, as well as on Sunday's, activities are organised both in the afternoons and in the evenings - activities that are appropriate for all ages at the camp. For example, checking out the Prater, the Danube, visiting museums - (woo-hoo!) like the Thussard, Modern Art (ok) or chocolate (now you're talking). In the evenings you're likely to go bowling, or for the younger participants, to the cinema.


Every Saturday the school organises an day-long excursion to some of the sights in the surrounding areas, as much to discover the region around Vienna as to get out of the city and break up the routine keeping the camp programme enjoyable. On Sundays, as mentioned, a variety of activities are planned. Please note - excursions are extra and are not included in the basic price. You can add a full-day and/or half-day excursion as well as a musical or concert, or tennis lessons - either at the time of booking or on arrival.

Arrivals & Departures

as noted below, arrival days are Sundays and departure days are Saturdays at the conclusion of your booked programme. You can have an airport or train station pick up and returned organised at the time of booking (which is what most people do).


Transfers organised from:
- Vienna Airport or main train station
Airport €80 each way / HB: €50 each way

UM transfer supplement - €35 each way.
Please keep to the transfer times to avoid pay extra fees!


- Arrivals Sundays and departs Saturdays:
9am - 5pm*
* NB: These are landing and take-off times 
Outside of these hours a supplement is charged for a private transfer.

Sample Timetable

  Sunday Monday Tuesday Wednesday Thursday Friday Saturday
Morning Arrival of new students 4 German lessons 4 German lessons 4 German lessons 4 German lessons 4 German lessons Full day excursion
Afternoon Campus sports - Assembly City tour, crafting or sports 2 lessons (upgrade) or sports Half-day excursion 2 lessons (upgrade) or city excursion Workshops for theatre performances
Evening Welcome party The big game, karaoke Theme-night Walk Performing sketches, painting Theatre performance, party Night walk
The information above is for example purposes only.