English programs for Younger Learners

Is there a better way of learning English than in a total immersion environment in an English-speaking country?

We all know how important English is for kids' futures. The dominant language for business and the world of work, central to travel. If you can speak English you can go anywhere, do anything. But, how do you learn English if you're not lucky enough to be born mother tongue? First and foremost, unless you start very, very early, you need to do some serious study. That means attending lessons, learning verbs (ah, those fantastic irregular verbs), memorizing vocabulary, and speaking to people.

This is what many young students do at school, along with other languages, but most people find that a couple of school lessons a week with little or no speaking time, really doesn't do very much. Yes, you need to practice.
To master a language or even get really good at it, you've got to dive in. Live it, breathe it. So being in an English-speaking country is your best way of learning.

On the following pages you'll see some amazing English language programs for Young Learners (students less than 18 years old). From summer language camps offering English lessons plus a range of activities to English and Sport programs, to year round High School programs.

Whatever interests you and your child, learning English, is one of the most important facets of your child's education.

  • Apprendre l anglais en Angleterre photo Ming Jun Tan


    England is the favourite destination for children and adolescents studying English as a foreign language in Europe.You’ll find so many great courses that it’ll be hard choose one! And they’re certainly not limited to the summer months either.

  • sejour linguistique enfants ados cours anglais canada megan lewis


    Canada is one of those amazing destinations for young learners to improve their English that offers both city programmes in destinations like Toronto or Vancouver, or outdoor focussed programmes with masses of activities.

  • sejour linguistique enfants ado etats unis anglais photo christopher skor


    We know, we know! Given the choice there's a whole lot of kids who would love to spend a couple of weeks in summer or longer at a language study abroad summer camp in the USA to learn English.And why not? There's so much to choose from.

  • sejour linguistique enfants ado irlande anglais photo vincent guth


  • stage anglais malte jeune soleil vacance


    Malta is a really popular destination for young learners to go and learn English.It's fun, it's sunny and hot and it's also cheaper than a lot of other destinations.

  • lake excursion


    Switzerland presents a great opportunity for young learners to lear English in a safe, international environment.The summer camps are amazing and your child will learn lots about themselves.