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If you’ve always wanted to learn dance at one of New York’s prestigious dance academies, then this study abroad language course is perfect for you! Whether you’re relatively new to dance or a seasoned expert, this course provides you with the perfect opportunity to combine your passion for the art form with reputable classes to perfect your English. No matter what style of dance you’re interested in, this academy has you covered. However, do note that you will need at least one year’s dance experience under your belt to enrol in this programme. You’ll be able to focus on one style of dance or try out various genres throughout your course. Your choice of dance is made on site at the academy, with a schedule of classes provided every Monday so that you can pick according to your interests and level. For example you could pick an advanced jazz dance class one day and a beginner salsa lesson on another.

English Courses

This programme consists of 20 English lessons and three afternoons of dance classes every week. But it’s important to remember that you are required to have at least one year of dance experience to register for this course! 
Each week you’ll take part in ten general English classes and ten additional classes based on the theme of dance. This structure of class is a proven to keep you engaged and interested in your English studies throughout the course by focusing on your passion!

Dance classes take place on three afternoons every week (6 x 90 minutes) at the Broadway Dance Centre.
Transfers to and from the dance centre are included in the price of the course and classes are taught by some of New York’s most esteemed dance teachers. There’s a huge variety of genres to choose from, including ballet, jazz, contemporary, hip hop… the list goes on! However, the cherry on top is that you’ll mix with American dancers in your classes, which is a great way to practice your English!

- 10 lessons General English
- 10 lessons dance-themed English
- 6 lessons (9 hours) dance


Each week there is 1 full-day excursion and 2 half-day excusions. Weekends you'll see places like Brooklyn Bridge walk, Coney Island, etc etc and at other times the Empire State Building and the Statue of Liberty.
To ensure that you make the most of your stay in the Big Apple, the language school organises excursions and visits across the city so you won’t miss out! The New York Adventure programme is also based at the same residence, and students on both programmes share meal times and excursions. If you have a friend who is not a dancer but wants to do New York, this is a good way to do be together while following different options.


Various activities are organised four times a week, both on and off campus. Of course, you’ll be able to take advantage of being in this iconic city to go and see a show on Broadway (a Broadway Show is included in your programme) or just to spend time indulging in shopping on 5th Avenue!

Arrivals and Departures

All participants are accompanied to and from the airport. Please make sure to check the timetable for transfer times. 


Airports transfers from:
- JFK, LaGuardia, Newark

USD $150.- one way (if time frame respected).
A surcharge is payable for outside of hours transfers.


Arrival day SUNDAY
Departure day SATURDAY:
- 08:00 - 20:00
- Landing and take-off times!

Sample Timetable

Sunday Monday Tuesday Wednesday Thursday Friday Saturday

- Arrival New York

- Placement test

- Orientation tour

- Olympic Games!

- On campus activities

- General English class

- Dance & culture New York City

- Excursion: Metropolitan Museum of Art

- Evening in New York

General English class

Dance & culture New York City

- Broadway Dance Center

On campus activities

General English class

- Dance & culture New York City

- Excursion: Battery Park

- Baseball game

General English class

- Dance & culture New York City

- Workshop

- Disco evening

- Excursion: shopping 5th Ave, St. Rockefeller Center

The information above is for example purposes only.