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What  great way to learn English. If you are into California, into cities and into Los Angles, then this  is a great summer English language camp to choose. Here you'll get to live on the the famous UCLA campus - a city in and of itself - have English lessons in the mornings and do fun stuff around the city in the mornings and evenings. The campus is an ideal place as a base for Los Angeles. It's safe, it's has amazing facilities and the school running the programme is one of the best independent schools in the USA. Having worked with them for 10 years or so, we love the quality and the great reviews of our clients.

English Courses

This programme is designed for adolescents, with lessons given by experienced, professional teachers who know how to engage younger learners (on holiday!). Topical lessons including grammar and pronunciation that include every day material from the city around them. There are 20 lessons per week (15 contact hours) and there'll also be preparation to make the most of the cultural excursions.

Three afternoon activity programmes to choose from (14:00-17:00):

1) "Classic" : English mornings plus afternoon activities (and evenings)
2) Film Explorer: English mornings, plus film-related afternoon activities and excursions (14:00-17:00)
3) University Explorer: English mornings, plus afternoon workshops, tours and info sessions to prepare students for US universities.


There's a full day excursions each weekend that gets kids out and about - mostly for fun. (The activities during the week are often more culturally orientated). The be able to discover places like Universal Studios, Six Flags, Santa Barbara, and the outlets in Camarillo, etc. There's also the possibility to go on extra excursions - at an extra cost!


Learning doesn't stop at the end of class. A bunch of age appropriate activities in the afternoons and evenings allow students to be immersed in the language all day long. Both cultural and simply for enjoyment students get out and about in LA.
For example:

  • Santa Monica
  • "Hollywood Walk of Fame"
  • Sports
  • Museums
  • Shopping
  • Sunset walks (you have to see an LA sunset to understand this one!)

 You can also pay for extra activities.

Arrivals & Departures

Despite the fact that you're flying to LA no-one's ever been lost! You'll be met at the airport and taken to campus by people from the school. It will be fine!
Please stick to the indicated arrival times to avoid extra charges.


Pick-ups and returns from :
- Los Angeles (LAX)
Please keep to the indicated arrival times


Arrivals & Departures: Saturdays

- 09h00 et 21h00
- These are aircraft landing and take-off times!

Sample Timetable

Time Activity
7h00 - 8h30 Breakfast
9h00 - 10h40 English Courses - grammar
10h40 - 11h00 Break
11h00 - 12h40 English Courses - prononciation, vocabulary...
12h40 - 13h30 Lunch
14h00 - 17h00 Visits & activities (e.g. Hollywood Walk of Fame, Getty Museum...)
17h00 - 19h00 Dinner
19h00 - 22h00 Group Activities
22h00 Back to the dorms

The information above is for example purposes only.


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