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*NB: Prices are indicative and depend on the programme and area. They are designed to give you an idea of the costs. We are happy to provide you with an exact quote when we have established the programme for you.

Most of the time accommodation will be with home stay families. Some schools (integrated and private) offer boarding school accommodation. 

Home stay accommodation

Great home stay accommodation is often the key to a successful study abroad experience.

Thanks to our excellent contacts in New Zealand we believe we can satisfy most people's demands!

What we can guarantee:

  • In accordance with the Code of Practice, all families accepting minors (under 18s) have been Police-checked and cleared. 
  • A home stay family cannot accept more than 2 international students, even from different schools.
  • When a family does have two students, the students do not share the same mother tongue (to facilitate English)!
  • All schools accepting international students are signatories to the Code of Practice, which guarantees certain standards regarding student welfare.

What we can't guarantee 100%:

...But we'll do everything we can to offer it :
  • That home stay families aren't only motivated but money, but also by a true desire to share their culture and lifestyle with their student guests
  • That home stay families also have children of a similar age (this is not always a good thing, in fact!).
  • That home stay families have experience of adolescents AND of international students, being sensitive to culture shock and difficulties their young guests may experience

Boarding School accommodation

Boarding school is normally reserved for long stay students. Boarding facilities are also normally closed during the school holidays, which means we will need to organise other accommodation - a family for example, for these periods.
Younger students will live in dormitories with several beds - depending on the school, and older students, usually senior students 16-17 will have single rooms.
Boarding means full-board. There will be a nurse on site. Teachers and "boarding staff" will look after the students 24 hours a day (except while they are in school, that is).



Single room, full-board

From $ 310
  • Age
  • Popularity of accommodation
  • Distance
    15-45 minutes
  • Availability
    All year round ( School NZ)
wk(s) - 2019 Price
1 - 52 $ 310 / wk
  • 13 Minimum