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How about living with an Irish family while attending your English courses (and the afternoons activities) during the day? On this programme young learners from 11 - 17 years old have this wonderful rich experience, and at the same time make the most of the great facilities of the program. Families are carefully chosen, and a bus service takes the students to school and back home every day. English classes are every morning Monday - Friday and in the afternoon activities and excursions are organised. Evenings are mostly spent with your home stay family though an evening a week is also spent having fun at the school.

English Courses

All English courses are provided by qualified teachers and adapted to the correct level of the students. There is an entry level test given to all student on their first day.


  • 15hrs English/wk
  • 5 hrs extra English possible
  • Daily activities
  • Homestay accommodation
  • Courses at Sutton Park School
  • Private Transport to-from school
  • Lunch in the college cafeteria
  • Use of school facilites
  • 1 excursion/wk Saturdays
  • 2 half-day excursions/wk
  • Parent Updates
  • Wi-fi free!


On the home stay program, students have two half-day and full-day per week of excursions. Thursday afternoons is a supervised trip to the centre of Dublin and one other full-day is planned during the week allowing the program to venture further afield to discover this magnificent region of Ireland.


On the afternoons that are not excursion days are filled with activities both sporting and artistic. Students may play basketball, learn Irish dancing, go bowling and generally get a break from the rigours of the classroom while still being encouraged to use thier English. 3 afternoon per week, Digital Media activities takes place including the creation of an e-Portfolio, movie & animation, podcasting, coding for video games, blogs etc.

Arrivals & Departures

This is a 7-day, Saturday to Saturday or Sunday to Sunday program. A transfer service is available from Dublin airport where the students are met by school representatives and taken to their family. Please note arrival and departure day should be the same (Saturday to Saturday or Sunday to Sunday).


Transfers from Dublin Airport.

€80.- each way (with the time-frame indicated)
Out of hours transfers possible for an extra charge.


Arrivalss & Departures Saturday or Sunday:
- between 08h00 & 22h00
These are aircraft landing and take-off times
! (No cheating)

Sample Timetable

Time Activity
9h00 - 9h30 Morning reunion
10h00 - 13h30 English Courses
13h30 - 14h15 Lunch
14h15 - 16h15 Activities (swimming, hip hop dance lessons...)
16h15 Back to family on bus
Evening Time with family
The information above is for example purposes only.