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This is an awesome, smaller summer program run by a husband and wife team, mixing international kids with Irish children.
Students have 15 hours of English language classes per week and then can attack a variety of activities in the afternoons and evenings.

Accommodation is residential - in the converted ruins of an old castle - and everything is under one roof: classrooms, accommodation, dining, creating a unique, atmosphere. The school grounds also have a large sports field making afternoon games easy - without having to travel.
Based about 2 hours west of Dublin this program is a great opportunity to not just learn English, but to get really immersed in Irish culture away from the cosmopolitan city that is Dublin.

NB: This is a very beautiful part of the country and the camp makes the most of it. Water-sports like kayaking and rafting are available on the lake, surfing (yes!) on the coast nearby, and of course horse-riding. There's often a night spent camping!

English Courses

Three hours of English is provided daily by qualified English teachers, members of the Irish Department of Education. With an average of only 8 students per class, your child can only benefit (there's nowhere to hide!). The focus is on communicative practice and fluency, though of course, lessons will cover grammar, pronunciation and vocabulary development. Beyond the classroom, students do activities with Irish children, offering a real world environment in which to practice what they've learnt.


There are activities every afternoon and evening that take place either at the school or a short distance away: horse-riding, rafting, surfing, kayaking, volleyball, archery, archery. Many of the activities are team-based and it's in this way that Irish children and international children mix and work together.

In the evenings staff and students (including the Irish) come together for quizzes, games, films etc.

The weekend excursion

On each course students go camping! Putting up their own tent, getting wood for the fire, they get a chance to experience the Irish countryside in a safe, fun way that's impossible elsewhere.

Arrivals & Departures

Arrivals and departures are from Dublin airport on Sundays. our child will be picked up at the airport and then driven to the centre. Yes, there will probably be a bit of waiting as students arrivals are grouped together. But as it's a small program (max 40 participants) this is fairly limited. 


Airport welcome and pick up:
Dublin Airport - 80 euros each way


Arrival and Departures:
Sundays 10am - 8pm
NB: These are aircraft landing & take-off times
Early or late flights will be subject to an additional charge of €40 each way.


Sample Timetable

Heure Activité
8h30 Petit déjeuner
9h30 - 13h Cours d'anglais
13h - 14h Repas
14h - 17h Activités (p.ex. volleyball, équitation, jeux...)
18h Dinner
Soirée Activités de groupe (bal irlandais, film, casino, jeux ...)

The information above is for example purposes only.