Ireland is language study abroad! When you learn English in Ireland you get expert, qualified, experienced language teachers at excellent prices. Add to this as well as famous Irish hospitality, a people who know how to talk and you can't lose! Choose Ireland as the place to learn English and you won't be disappointed.

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  • sejour linguistique anglais et activites irlande en promenade

    English & Activities 12-17

    County Slligo

    23.06 - 04.08.2019 : Awesome English langauge and activities programme for ados in Ireland, with excellent feedback year after year. Activities with Irish kids in the afternoons!

  • Sejour linguistique Irlande Dublin residence apprendre avec occulus2

    Dublin Max Fun 11-17

    Dublin area

    21.06 - 16.08.2020: Residential teenage summer program at the gates of Dublin from an award-winning language school. Quality English courses from a reputable school, plus excellent supervision and activities make this a very dependable program.

  • Camp d ete cours anglais en immersion jeunes ados Irlande dublin au soleil ecole de langue2

    Dublin home stay adventure 11-17

    Howth Peninsula, Dublin

    21.06 - 16.08.2020: This summer camp offers English lessons at school with accommodation in a home stay family for exposure to Irish life. Great activities and an excellent campus make a fun and beneficial program with teens from all over Europe.

  • voyage linguistique ados anglais irlande anglais et sport equitation

    English + sport 14-17

    Bray, 30 min. from Dublin

    28.06 - 09.08.2020: Great English and Sports summer program in Ireland, close to Dublin. Choice of accommodation according to age. Something for everyone at a great price!