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The aim of this programme is to provide your child with a comfortable, fun and friendly learning environment. Attentive and approachable teachers provide constant supervision to ensure a full English immersion experience. The result is an unforgettable study abroad English course in a safe environment, akin to living at (a studious) home!  Time is spent with the teacher’s family during meals and in the evenings. These are excellent opportunities to practice speaking English and to put into practice all that has been learned during lessons. These conversations often prove to be as effective English learning experiences as the lessons themselves! The teacher is always on hand to make sure your child is comfortable. Part of this time is also about discovering the English culture and values, which is an integral part of this programme!


All meals are included in the price of the course. Your child will eat breakfast, lunch and dinner with their hosts. 


Teacher's Homelingua accommodation included

Single or Shared room, full-board

From £ 0
  • Age
    13 years
  • Popularity of accommodation
  • Distance
    On site!
  • Availability
    Year round
wk(s) - 2020 Price
1 - 4 £ 0 / wk
  • 13 years Minimum