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English lessons use the CLIL approach (Content and Language Integrated Learning), which focusses on teaching language while new skills are taught. Lots of every day "real life" materials are used. There's an emphasis not just on vocabulary but using it. By combining language learning with football, something the kids are passionate about, intrinsic motivation for learning is high leading to great results. Plus with all training in English, the soccer camp is more or less a full immersion experience. On this programme, depending on the age, students will also do project-based work looking at, for example, diet, nutrition, training plans, stadium design(!) all designed to put English in action.

The programme offers:

  • 17.5 hrs/wk football training (mornings & evenings)
    • Skills, tactics, seminars (styles of play 4-4-2, etc., nutrition, fitness, psychology)
    • Football training by qualified coaches
  • 12.5 hrs/wk English lessons
    • Equalified, experienced (and nice) tecahers
    • General English + football specific English
    • End of course certificate

English + Nike Football

12,5hrs English lessons / week

From £ 1,325



  • Age
    10 - 17
  • Level(s)
    All Levels
  • Course start
    3 July, 17 July, 31 July
wk(s) Price
1 £ 1,325
2 £ 2,650
  • All Levels
  • 10 - 17 Minimum