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Are you sporty? Love football (fan of Arsenal?), golf, dance? Want to improve your English while having an awesome time and making friends with other English language students from all over the world? Then this is it!! Combine English lessons with a sport of your choice (or just do the sport all day without the English classes) and get the best of both world's this summer. Whatever you choose to do, this study abroad English language summer camp will help get the marks you want at school and improve your sport level. 

Sister school to the camps at Clayesmore and Oundle the speciality courses here are the Golf and hockey (field hockey) programmes. The centre is also open a bit longer in summer.

One of our most popular programmes, the camp takes place on stunning campus (masses of room to play!) in the English countryside between London and Brighton. The focus is on exceptionally high-quality coaching and teaching. Whatever your level in either sport or English, there'll be a level for you. Arrival day is Sunday, and on your first Monday you do an English test to find the right level class for you, and later an evaluation of your level in the sport you've chosen. Then it's on!

Depending on your level and the organisation on site, you'll do either sport or English in the morning. It can change... For girls, the football option is only available up to age 15.
For parents, the supervision is 24/7. There's a nurse on site and the kids are very well looked after. Three square meals day - of better than expected quality (though never as good as mum's cooking). See "accommodation".
Just a word of caution: the days are packed! (In a good way, parents!) After a day of English and sport, the evenings are full of activities from karaoke to films, discos, quizzes, parties and all sorts of themed-evenings! Be prepared to finish your day exhausted!
Like all our camps, there's a strict limit on the percentage of nationalities/languages at the camp (20% / week) - so it won't be filled with only French-speakers or only Spanish-speakers etc etc etc.
NB: This camp fills up very quickly especially for the weeks in July, so please try to book early i.e. before Easter!

English language lessons

All English language teachers are fully qualified and experienced - not just at teaching English, but at teaching kids and adolescents in an engaging and educational manner. You'll cover grammar, reading, writing, listening and speaking. Of course, outside the classroom you'll get even more speaking and listening practice with the sports instruction! Click on the tab "Courses" to see what's available.


It doesn't matter how good or bad you are! The sports courses are designed to be top-level coaching for all levels of ability! Like the English language teachers, the sports coaches and instructors are experienced, fully accredited professionals in their own domain (PGA professionals for the golf programme, for example) with a background in coaching at a high level but just as adept at teaching beginners. This makes for a great opportunity to either perfect a sport that you already love or trying something new, all while improving you English. All training grounds and sports equipment are top end.

The Football option is run is association with Arsenal (the premier league club..) so there's always an Arsenal coach running training with help from local certified coaches. This is one of the very few programmes to offer the Arsenal Soccer School programme! Also available for girls aged up to 16.

The golf option offers excellent instruction on a covered driving range, there's even a 9-hole pitch and putt course to lash out on! he Pro-golfers (24 handicap or less) head out to play on local courses. Golf heaven!

The hockey programme is famous in England and in August attracts the highest level English players from all over the country. If you are into hockey, this is THE place to improve.


Being close to both London and Brighton, Seaford campus is close to cool places to visit. If you’re staying for more than a week, weekend excursions are included in the price of your stay. And it's not just about fun. Prior to each excursion, you’ll be taught the necessary English vocabulary and provided with all the information needed to ensure you have a great time (and improve your English a bit more...)! 
Trips to a theme or water park take place on Saturdays and cultural visits to touristic destinations take place on Sundays. You’ll travel to and from different places by bus, supervised by one staff member for every 6 – 10 students, depending on the age of the group. 


After a day of sport, you’ll join in with evening activities including karaoke, quizzes and a Friday night disco. Games are also organised outdoors so you can play with your coach – or against them! Younger students stay on campus throughout their stay, while older students (15 – 16 years old) have a bit more freedom and can go on supervised excursions, such as to the cinema or bowling mid-week.


Home to this camp for more than 15 years, Seaford College is during the year, an elite British boarding school. It's more or less halfway between Brighton and London, near the little village of Petworth and only half an hour from Gatwick airport. It's easy to get to and close to everything so the students can practice English on meaningful excursions. The college has more the 600 hectares of land, leaving plenty of room for football fields and lessons to be held in very different places!! We've eaten in the cafeteria and it was very good! (Well, we're still here!). Seaford also has the advantage of having an outside swimming pool...!

Arrivals and Departures

Students are welcomed and transferred in groups to and from airports and train stations. If you arrive outside of a pre-arranged arrival time, an additional cost will be incurred as a private taxi must be organised. There are several transfers during day, but delays do occur occasionally. If you really don't want your child to wait at all, pay for a private transfer, but it's a very expensive option for not much gain.


Transfers from and to:

  • Airports: Heathrow (LHR) ou Gatwick (LGW)
  • Train station: St Pancras

£80 one-way : £160 return
Out of hours private transfers:
£160 one-way
*Please  book flights within the specified arrival times.
NB: in accordance with UK Border Control rules and regulations, children under the age of 16 must be accompanied by an adult at all times whilst in the airport/international station. Therefore, if your child’s flight/train departure time is booked outside of standard transfer times, Out Of Hours Transfer fees will apply. Either someone from the school, the airline or you must be with them. Students cannot be in the airport by themselves outside of the mentioned times.


  • Arrivals Sundays 10:00 to 15:00
  • Departures Saturdays 12:00 to 17:00
  • *NB - These are take-off and landing times of the aircraft (train arrival/departure)!
    Outside these times you're billed for a private transfer.

Sample Timetable

Day Morning 12h30 Afternoon Afternoon 2 Evening
Sun. Excursion Lunch Arrivals/Excursion Excursion Jeux/Disco/FUN
Mon. Option or English Lunch Option or English Option or English Jeux/Disco/FUN
Tues. Option or English Lunch Option or English Option or English Jeux/Disco/FUN 
Wed. Option or English Lunch Option or English Option or English  Jeux/Disco/FUN
Thurs. Option or English Lunch Option or English Option or English  Jeux/Disco/FUN
Fri. Option or English Lunch Option or English Option or English  Jeux/Disco/FUN
Sat. Depart/Excursion   Depart/Excursion Depart/Excursion Jeux/Disco/FUN
The information above is for example purposes only.


Pour un premier voyage linguistique, nous sommes tout à fait satisfaits de l'expérience d'Alexie à Seaford.
La combinaison "Anglais-Golf" nous a séduit.
L'arrivée a été un peu difficile, car elle s'est retrouvée éloignée de son amie pour ce qui est des chambres, mais grâce à votre intervention elles ont pu être rapprochées et nous vous en remercions. Le cadre est paraît-il magnifique...
Il semble qu'elles aient fait de bons progrès en Anglais. Les cours de golf étaient selon les filles un peu longs... Néanmoins, il est clair qu'Alexie a très bien progressé et a même eu envie de refaire un stage de golf à Genève !
Les activités du soir ont été particulièrement appréciées: casino, boum, challenge, jeux de balles... En voyant les différentes activités possibles, Alexie aimerait peut-être essayer le hockey sur gazon l'année prochaine...
En tout cas un grand merci pour cette organisation. L'expérience a été très positive et nous vous en remercions.

Pascale T. maman d'Alexie

Merci de votre persévérance ! Vous avez bien fait, nous voulions vous répondre ! Maintenant c’est fait !
C’est Sébastien qui a répondu. Le top aurait été d’avoir un questionnaire côté parents : nous vous aurions remercié encore plus que lui pour l’encadrement (bien sûr, c’est important pour les parents !) donné à nos jeunes, l’écoute apportée, la bonne nourriture, les entraînements de foot apparemment très bien et les leçons d’anglais bonnes, je crois. En tous les cas, Sébastien et Jérémie ont donné les notes suivantes le samedi de la fin du séjour (sur 6) : 5 pour l’anglais, 51/2 pour le foot… donc ils étaient contents, ce fut une bonne expérience pour eux !
Merci encore de votre suivi, savoir que vous étiez là nous a beaucoup rassurés.
Bonne continuation, j’espère que nous aurons l’occasion de vous réentendre.
Bien cordialement

Corinne CP., maman de Sébastien

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