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An British College for international students giving students the chance to learn English in a normal academic environment.

This excellent International Study Centre is a secondary school for international students wishing to improve their English while also continuing to study standard academic subjects. Specifically it is aimed at students who;

- wish to improve their English while continuing their academic studies,

- intend to return to their country and continue their normal studies in their mother tongue,

- progress to an English boarding school with native speakers

We find this programme and school is excellent for normally good students who may have lost motivation or lost their way a little at school at home. By having a semester or two improving their English and living in a boarding school environment we find that they grow, mature, become a little more independent and generally rediscover their confidence to start a new year over without "losing" school time.

What is it?

An international college with its own residence, welcoming students from around the world.
English language courses are given, from beginner level, alongside standard academic subjects (Maths, sciences, art, history etc). As with all residential schools a complete extra-curricular programme of sports and activities is also part of the experience.

So, you can continue studying while improving your English. The different academic subjects are taught according to your level of English. The higher your level, the more academic subjects are available. It's just like being at school at home but at the same time learning English. 


Students are helped to:

  • Return home to take up their studies with both better language skills and culturally enriching experiences
  • Integrate into an English boarding school
  • Continue their studies in England
  • Take an English exam

The specific goal of each student may be different but the overall goal is the same: learn as much as possible in an amazing environment.

Who FOR?

  • Anyone aged between 11 & 17 can enrol for 1, 2 or 3 terms.
  • You don't need English to start with - courses are adapted to your level


  • English classes have a max of 8 students, academic subject casses 12 students
  • Depending on the Year/age academic subjets are studied
  • Cambridge exams or Pre-IB possible


  • Terms start September, January, March, June

Why do this?

There are lots of reasons, but mainly :

  • improve and perfect English
  • experience life in a modern English boarding school
  • spend some time in an international environment
  • learn about an educational system and pedagogical style different from that at home
  • grow, mature, learn
  • broaden your horizons, rediscover motivation for school
  • be surrounded by students your age and learn about campus life
  • finish your secondary schooling
  • depending on where you are, fill a gap in your school year


Yes, you'll need to wear a uniform here

Health etc

There's a nurse on site 24/24h, 7 jours sur 7. While European students are still eligible for cover under the NHS in England you'll need good personal and medical insurance that covers the duration of your studies.


You will need to pay extra for a Guardian while in England. It's required by law. A guardian is someone who takes the place of the parents while the student is in England. Most people don't have an adult or relative available in England, so we can help you via a Guardianship Agency.


It's not all academics. There's is also a sport, club and social programme incorporated into the curriculum and independent of it in the evenings and weeknds. This could be anything from football to debating.


Weekends provide teh chance for students to get outdoors as well as discovering places of historical and cultural interest in a supervised manner.

Visits & holidays

Parents are welcome to visit. We can also organise guided tours for you. If you child is staying longer than two terms we strongly advise that you visit the school first. Between terms - during the holidays, students return home. 


Transfert groupé de/à :

- London Heathrow

- Luton

- Bristol 
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Sample Timetable

Heure Programme
7h30 Réveil
7h30 - 8h15 Petit-déjeuner
8h45 - 9h00 Réunion du matin
9h00 - 10h00 Cours d'anglais
10h00 - 10h25 Pause
10h25 - 12h25 Cours d'anglais
12h25 - 13h20 Repas de midi
13h20 - 13h25 Appel
13h25 - 14h25 Cours d'histoire
14h25 - 15h25 Cours de chimie

15h25 - 15h50

15h50 - 16h50 Cours de maths
17h00 - 18h00 Sport
18h30 - 19h00 Repas du soir
19h15 - 21h00 Devoirs
21h00 ... Coucher (selon l'âge)
The information above is for example purposes only.