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Cambridge is well-known for its university as well as the many excellent private schools in the region, and as a result it's also a hub for many language summer camps for young learners and young adults. The University campuses in summer empty of their older students and the summer camps move in to take advantage of the excellent facilities on offer. Here students van learn English and follow a variety of excellent programmes.

We think Cambridge has a number of advantages: Cambridge is a very safe city. It's also very easy to get around. It's more authentic and less touristy than Oxford. The university-based programmes offer excellent learning possibilities for young adults, and being based (generally) in the city-centre give god options for things to do for young adults. The private schools-based programmes are outside of the city-centre but can still make the most of it, while offering a very secure environment for younger learners to study English. Finally, it's relatively easy to get to - and schools offer welcome pick-ups and return transfers from the major airports.

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  • Colonie linguistique Angleterre camp ete universitees anglaises etudes avancees cour ecole

    Advanced Studies 16-18

    Cambridge or Oxford: Colleges

    28.06 - 08.08.2020 : Here’s an amazing opportunity to enrol in summer programmes at the renowned Oxford and Cambridge universities. Take advantage of this programme and get a feel for student life in these world-class university towns.