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Classes on the Princes Helena summer programme are designed to be enjoyable for students - it is summer after all - but backed by good teaching and planning. Students are placed in the appropriate class for their level after an English test on the first morning. The morning classes will cover reading and writing, as well as developing language and vocabulary skills. Grammar and pronunciation underlie all lessons. Part of class-time will also be set aside to prepare for the excursion, making sure that this is more than a day out but a language-learning opportunity also. In the period after lunch students can choose a weekly study option, like grammar (woo-hoo!), speaking or reading.
Throughout summer there is a focus on speaking and using oral skills, encouraging students to use the language, so the students will do also project work together with the aim of getting them speaking and making learning fun. 

Look out -  in the evening before dinner there's 30 minutes of homework time/portfolio work planned.

...It's not all study though! The afternoons and evenings are dedicated to activities and excursions.


Teenage Residence - PHC

20hrs English / wk. + activites/excursions

From £ 1,990


Max English with max fun. We think the courses here are second to none.

  • Age
    14 years
  • Level(s)
    Beginner—Proficiency C2
  • Course start
    10/07/2017, 24/07/2017
  • Class size
    max. 12
wk(s) Price
2 £ 1,990
4 £ 3,650
  • Beginner—Proficiency C2
  • 14 years Minimum