For budding artists, or those who are simply attracted by all things artistic and want to explore it more deeply, Aventure Linguistique has the most brillant programmes for you to learn English and improve your English while doing something that you love: Dance, photography, film-making, painting, fashion design etc., etc. Forget the idea of being only stuck in a classroom or on a tour bus - those days are gone. Now you can learn English in England surrounded by other kids your age who share the same passions as you.  Generally you'll do English classes in the morning and the arts options in the afternoon. Depending on the programme you can choose one or many. 

So learning English doesn't have to be boring. All things are possible. Have fun at an English and Arts programme that's designed for young adults between 12 and 17 years olds during their summer holidays.

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  • ecole d anglais musique anglais Clayesmore camp ete cours de chant

    Music & English - Worth 10-16

    25 minutes from Gatwick - South of London

    05.07 - 08.08.2020: Each week 15 hrs English classes + 15 hrs singing tuition. If music is your aeroplane, this is your runway! Fly, baby, fly! A fantastic music programme with English for young vocal stars/instrumental players.

  • ecole d anglais musique anglais seaford camp ete eleves en cours de musique

    Music & English - Seaford 10-16

    Petworth (not Seaford!!)

    05.07 - 15.08.2020: Do 15 hrs English + 15 hrs music per week: Instrument or singing this is a great programme for young musicians who want to improve and get inspired at an awesome summer camp.