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There's 15 hours of English classes every week (all levels - from beginner to advanced). There's a test the first day to find the right class for you! Lessons here are organised according to the level and age of students, aiming to mix nationalities from different backgrounds together. Students are taught new vocabulary, grammar as well as other aspects of the English language by engaging in fun, interactive projects. With an emphasis placed on learning in a relaxed and fun environment, students here learn much more effectively! By focusing on expression and oral comprehension on this English language camp, students improve their English by communicating between amongst themselves inside and outside of the classroom.


English & multi-activites OBH

15hrs English / wk. + activites/excursions

From £ 1,990


Excellent course for teens 12-15 years old. Major "fun" with 15 hours of English tuition per week as well as activities and excursions. This is the sister programme to Teens in Residence at Princess Helena College (14-16 years)

  • Age
  • Level(s)
    Beginner—Proficiency C2
  • Course start
    17/07/2017, 31/07/2017
  • Schedule
    English in the mornings
    Activities, sports, art, excursions afternoons and evenings
  • Class size
    max. 12
wk(s) Price
2 £ 1,990
4 £ 3,650
  • Beginner—Proficiency C2
  • 12 Minimum