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English courses take place every morning from Monday to Friday, with 15 hours of lessons taught every week (plus extra time for homework!). Students will work on improving their vocabulary, grammar, expression and oral comprehension through participatory projects. This is a tried and tested method that encourages students to learn by engaging in topics that they love. These English courses are a great way to ensure that your child makes the most out of their study aboard English language programme! The teachers on this course are certified and very experienced in encouraging students to participate in English lessons – so much so that students often don’t realise that they’re learning!


Kids Residential - MH

15hrs English/ wk. + activites/excursions

From £ 1,990


The best programme for young kids. Lots of work on projects, using English in a fun way!

  • Age
    8 years
  • Level(s)
    Beginner—Proficiency C2
  • Course start
    10/07/2017, 24/07/2017
wk(s) Price
2 £ 1,990
4 £ 3,650
  • Beginner—Proficiency C2
  • 8 years Minimum