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Moreton Hall is amongst the most popular language programmes in the UK! This English private school turns into a renowned language centre during the summer months, where students aged 9 – 13 study and reside on this beautiful campus. Students enrol in this exciting study abroad English programme to make great friends, play heaps of sports and visit to some amazing places! Designed specifically for children and young adolescents, this language camp is hosted in the charming town of Bury St. Edmunds, just 35 minutes from Cambridge. 

Participants reside in dormitories with 3 – 9 other students from countries around the world. Teachers sleep in rooms adjacent to the dormitories and are on call throughout the night. Safety and comfort are paramount at this school, with students supervised 24 hours a day – they can’t leave campus unless supervised. Moreton Hall is equipped with first-class facilities including a heated indoor swimming pool, tennis courts, a sports hall and large sports grounds. This small summer camp enrols a maximum of 48 students at a time. The school takes care that no large groups from any particular country are registered in any one course, encouraging students to communicate in English as much as possible! English lessons are taught in the mornings for 15 hours a week, while various activities are planned for afternoons and evenings. All of this takes place on a stunning campus equipped with excellent facilities.

English Courses

English courses take place every morning, from Monday to Friday. Students work on their vocabulary, grammar, expression and oral comprehension through participation in different projects. A key focus of this programme is teaching English in a fun and friendly environment: lessons and activities are organised so that children are continuously engaged, involved and having fun! Activities Afternoons and evenings are dedicated to various social activities, although 30 minutes is put aside a day for homework!


An excursion takes place every weekend, including visits to London, to theme parks and ‘shopping’ trips.

Arrivals and Departures

The school organises all transfers of children who arrive in the UK by plane. Representatives of the school will welcome your child at the airport with a large sign with their name on, and drive them to the language centre. If you’ve booked your child as an Unaccompanied Minors through an airline, let us know so that we can organise their welcome accordingly. Please note that a surcharge is incurred for flights that arrive outside of the scheduled timetable and any additional nights spent on campus.


Airport transfers (welcome and goodbye) from: 
- Heathrow (LHR), Gatwick (LGW), Luton (LTN), Stansted (STN) )
The closest airport is:
- LUTON (1:30 away)
Please - stick to the transfer times to avoid extra costs.

Please note that, in accordance with UK Border Control rules and regulations, children under the age of 16 must be accompanied by an adult at all times whilst in the airport/international station. Therefore, if your child’s flight/train departure time is booked outside of standard transfer times, Out Of Hours Transfer fees will apply. Students cannot wait by themselves.


Arrivals Sundays
Departures Saturdays

- 09:00 to 19:00
*Attention* These are landing and take-off times (no cheating now!)

Sample Timetable

Time Activity
7h30 "Good morning ! It's time to wake up."
8h00 Breakfast
8h30 Morning assembly
9h00 English course: grammar games
10h00 Break
10h15 English course: listening and speaking
11h15 Break
11h30 English course: prepare London visit - reading and writing
12h30 Lunch
13h30 Afternoon assembly
13h45 Choice of activities: swimming, tennis, juggling, singing
15h15 Break (Afternoon tea!)
15h45 Activity: weekly choice - English sports, photography, arts & crafts
17h15 Break
18h00 Homework
18h30 Dinner and free time
19h30 Pirate treasure Hunt
21h00 Evening assembly
21h30 "Goodnight !"
The information above is for example purposes only.


Un grand merci pour votre email. Le feed-back de Phuong Lam après 2 semaines à Moreton Hall est très positif que je peux résumer par sa question : "est-ce que je peux rester 1 mois là-bas pour l'été prochain?" Merci pour votre équipe :-)

Dang N., papa de Phuong Lam