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Courses for ages:
8-11, 12-13, 14-17, 16-18

Welcome to England as we like it; by the beach, in a family-type environment, in a village rather than a big city. Our school, located in the beautiful seaside village of Sidmouth (pop. 15,000) in the South-East of England, is all of this. 

One of our most dependable summer home stay family programmes, this excellent school is also open all year round to students aged 14-17 offering English options for students during the Spring and Autumn holidays. As specialists in programmes for Young Learners (juniors) they offer programmes for all ages and all levels of English ability, with students separated according to age.
A respected British Council accredited English Language School, (ranked in the top 5% of schools in 2014) this programme is great for students who would prefer to live with local families and experience every day English life.
The village provides a safe environment, and as it's the only English School in town, everyone knows about it and keeps an eye on the kids. And of course, the schools knows its families well, too!
Care and an extended family environment are the big pluses here (along with the location). Students receive an ID card on arrival that has the name and address of their home stay family as well as the number of the school that can be used anytime, day or night, in emergencies.

English Courses

A programme for every age! Students are divided by age as well as level, and teachers are experienced at providing stimulating lessons with contents that are well adapted to the students.
There are different intensities of programmes available (15 or 21 hours / week) depending on the age of the student and the time of year.
Courses are given in the mornings (depending on the intensity) and the afternoons are the time for having fun with activities and learning yb doing on excursions. Sundays are spent with the home stay family.


To kick back and relax after a week of English courses, the school organises a full-day excursion Saturdays. Students are grouped by age. During the week, Thursdays afternoons are also set aside for a half-day excursion. The school does it best to make sure that when students leave they have seen and experienced something of the surrounding area, learning a little more about this beautiful area than simply seeing the village.

Typical excursions may include visits to: Exeter, Bristol, Bath or other cities, villages, parks or important cultural and historical sites. Excursions are often woven into classwork so that students can make the most of the learning opportuity. London however.. 3 and a half hours away, is rarely if ever on the list!
Other excursions for younger children include: theme parks and water parks, the zoo, gentle hikes etc.


Every afternoon and evening during summer there's a great choice of age-appropriate activities available for students: informal games of volleyball, football, impromptu waterslides, boat rides, fishing trips, art workshops and afternoons at the beach (unfortunately swimming in the sea is not permitted for safety and supervision reasons). In the evenings film nights, disco nights etc are all turned on.
Finally, if you're a sports fan, it's also possible to book professional lessons for horse-riding, tennis or golf. Because of demand, this easier outside of summer.

Arrivals & Departures

Because this school is a distance from London, they've a well-organised and efficient system for getting kids from the airport safely to the school/host families.
A free bus (3.5 hours driving time) is available from and to London Heathrow airport - Saturdays. (The arrival and departure window times for flights are very specific - see below.) We'll give you all the information about how and where to find the bus with the documents provided after reservation.
For younger students/more nervous travellers it's possible to reserve a personal welcome at the gate and escort to the bus (for ages 13 and under it's compulsory as well as for students flying as UMs.) While the bus itself is free, there's a fee for this pick-up escort service (available in both directions). The bus drivers are experienced, generally waiting for students at the Arrivals exit doors and helping students at check-in when departing.
It's a great system - one with which we've never, ever had a problem with :)

When students arrive in Sidmouth, they are either taken directly to the home stay family or to the school where their home stay family will be waiting for them. (It all depends how many student are in the bus...


Free bus from London Heathrow
Private taxis available from:
Bristol, Exeter
Please note that, in accordance with UK Border Control rules and regulations, children under the age of 16 must be accompanied by an adult at all times whilst in the airport/international station. Therefore, if your child’s flight/train departure time is booked outside of standard transfer times, Out Of Hours Transfer fees will apply. Students cannot wait by themselves.



For the free bus from Heathrow, SATURDAYS:
Flight arrivals between12:30 & 15:30 (bus leaves at 17:00 sharp)
Flight departures between 14:00 & 16:00 (bus arrives around 12 midday)
You'll be charged extra for any flights departing after 16:00

Sample Timetable

- 15hrs per week

  Breakfast with family      
9H-12H30 English courses        Day long excursion Day with family
12H30-13H30 Lunch (Picnic provided for 8-13y/o) - Not incl. for 14+         
13H30-17H30  Activities   Activities Activities Activities Activities
Day long excursion  Day with family
 17h30-19h30 Evening meal with family        
19H30-21H Activities at school       
 21h Return to family    


- 21hrs per week

  Breakfast with family       
9H-12H30 English courses  Day long excursion Day with family
12H30-13H30 Lunch (Picnic provided for 8-13y/o) - Not incl. for 14+          
13H30-15H30 Activities   Activities  Activities   Activities   Activities  Day long excursion Day with family
15H30-17H30 Activities    Courses  Courses  EXCURSION  Courses    
 17H30-19H30 Evening meal with family          
19H30-21H Activities at school             
 21H Return to family    

The information above is for example purposes only.


Mon fils Alex a passé 2 semaines à Sidmouth. Il a partagé une chambre avec un autre garçon dans une famille que je ne peux que recommander ! Il a adoré son séjour, il s'est énormément amusé - plein d'activités l'après-midi et le soir! Concernant ses progrès en anglais, il a eu l'occasion de pratiquer et je suis sûre que cela lui a donné confiance pour parler plus aisément. Il a trouvé les cours un peu "légers" mais il a l'habitude d'une enseignante extrêmement exigeante et c'est tout de même un cours de vacances. L'école a certainement mis en place un programme tout à fait chouette pour des adolescents!

Tessa F., maman d'Alex

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