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Classes at all language levels are available from beginner to advanced. All levels do 22.5 hours per week total. 
For this English + coding course, 7.5 hours will be dedicated to discovering coding using the brilliant Raspberry Pi. The English classes are supposed to be fun, focusing on speaking (still with a solid grammatical base), and are unlikely to be like the English classes you have at school!


English + coding

15hrs English, 7.5hrs coding / wk. activities,excursions

From £ 2,600


An awesome course with a free computer - a Raspberry Pi - to take home.
15hrs English / wk., plus 7.5hr coding / wk, residential accommodation - full-board, excursions, activities, airport transfers.

Course contents:
10 structured lessons resulting in the creation of a video game.

- The Computer and programming (run a "Hello, World" programme)
- Ifs : Conditional Programming
- Loops ("for" and "while")
- Events and Movement (using Scratch)
- Lists (write programmes using lists and "Add Score")
- Sorting (using Scratch)
- Python - learn how to write the programming language Python
- Methods - write method versions of algorithms
- Game Testing
- Course review

  • Age
  • Level(s)
    Pre-Intermediate A2—Advanced C1
  • Course start
    02 July 2019
    16 July 2019
wk(s) Price
2 £ 2,600
  • Pre-Intermediate A2—Advanced C1
  • 13 Minimum