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Get a solid introduction to al the basic concepts included in: Introduction to Management, Accounting, Entrepreneurship, Organisations, Marketing.
You'll learn all the vocabulary necessary as well as analysis techniques, prepare projects, understand how to spot opportunities as an entrepreneur, see how successful organisation function and much more though a mix of lectures, classes, and case-study analysis.

*You can combine this course with another programme at the same school if you wish - ask us for details.


 There are a few cool optional extras you can add either to your English courses or as activities:

- One-to-one English lessons (4 hours/week)

- Golf lessons (4 hours/week)

- Horse-riding (4 hours/week)
- Paintball (1 session)

PLUS: A London musical (e.g. The Lion King), Warner Bros Harry Potter Studios trip, The London Experience weekend - just ask us about these and how to book



Earlscliffe Mini MBA 15-17

23hrs courses / wk. + activities

From £ 2,765


The top notch program, delivered by one of England's leading private 6th Form schools is aimed at students between 15-17 years who have a good level of English, and wish to follow a serious summer program. Specifically, students will intend to continue their studies at a higher level (possibly in English or with an English component) in the areas of management, finance, business, economics or accounting. This course is designed to both increase students knowledge in the domains covered as well as help them fill their CV or prepare a university application once home.

After enrolment'll receive a file of exercises that need to be completed and returned before the start of the program. Get ready to work, learn and... have fun!

Included in the program are activities and excursions themed around the areas of study, for example, two trips to London specifically organised for the Mini MBA participants where they'll visit the Bank of England and the largest building in the City, The Shard

Each program sessions lasts two weeks, made up of: 22hrs Introduction to management, 4hrs de Accounting, 4hrs Business Studies, 4hrs Organisation et 12hrs Marketing. Finally, sports and recreational activities are also included during the course done alongside students from other programs - so you get to meet everyone.

  • Age
  • Level(s)
    Upper-Intermediate B2—Proficiency C2
  • Course start
    2, 16, 30 July
    *Arrival days
wk(s) Price
2 £ 2,765
  • Upper-Intermediate B2—Proficiency C2
  • 15 Minimum