England: The place for summer language camps and language study abroad

England is the favourite destination for children and adolescents studying English as a foreign language in Europe. You’ll find so many great courses that it’ll be hard choose one! And they’re certainly not limited to the summer months either. There are tons of fun, interesting and engaging English programmes on offer throughout the year. In addition to being the cradle of the English language, England makes for the perfect destination for an awesome study abroad language experience.

If you’re athletic and love the outdoors, why not take an English course and combine it with your favourite sport? Check out the English and Sport Summer Camps. You’ll find world-class coaching in a variety of sports at these camps, including football, horseback riding, dance, golf, tennis… the list goes on! And if you’ve always dreamt of trying out a new activity, like sailing, but never had the time, there’s excellent coaching for beginners too.

For the artists, there are lots of courses that combine English and the arts. Love to sing or dance? Play an instrument? Act or paint? We’ve got you covered. Just take a look at all of the options available in the English and Art category.

After browsing through all of the possibilities, you might find that you don’t even want to take an English language course! If you’re looking to improve your English outside of the classroom, why not just take up an activity – or several activities – with an English coach or trainer? You’ll be surprised how quickly you improve your English language skills without having to step foot in a classroom.

For the more studious types, we do have some amazing courses if you want to improve your knowledge of the English language for academic purposes. Whether you’re working towards an exam, preparing for university or need intensive tuition we can help recommend the perfect program for you. We offer a full range of excellent study abroad English courses that will guide you towards your goal, whether it’s to improve grades at school or if you just love to learn languages!

Perhaps you just want to try a little bit of everything? You’ll love the range of programs we have on offer for you! For example, spend several hours a day learning English in a classroom and then venture outside to practice what you’ve learned by playing your favourite sport or instrument. Or head out on excursions and day trips and take the time to visit this fantastic country, making new friends along the way!

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  • Camp d ete Angleterre Cambridge Batiment du Princess Helena College vu d en haut2

    Princess Helena 14 - 17

    1 hour from Cambridge

    05.07 - 01.08.2020 : Awesome summer language camp for ados near Cambridge. Limited in size, and one of our most popular programmes. Excellent English courses + activities at a great school complete with pool. Dates open:

  • ecole d anglais sports anglais seaford camp ete foot

    Sport & English - Seaford 10-16

    Petworth (not Seaford!!)

    05.07- 15.08.2020: 15 hrs English lessons + 15 hrs of sport per week: Football, dance, golf, hockey etc etc!! Perfect for sports nuts this great summer language camp has got it all.

  • ecole d anglais sports anglais clayesmore camp ete sport premier sejour linguistique jeunes

    Sport & English - Clayesmore 9-14


    05.07- 01.08.2020: 15 hrs English lessons + 15 hrs of sport per week: Football, dance, horse-riding etc etc!! Perfect for sports nuts this great summer language camp has got it all.

  • ecole d anglais sports anglais oundle camp ete sport basket

    Sports & English - Oundle 11-17

    Oundle (nr Peterborough)

    28.06 - 01.08.2020: 15 hrs English + 15 hrs sport / week : Football, dance, basketball, horse-riding and hockey! This is a cool camp in a gorgeous town north of London.

  • stage linguistique jeunes ados anglais sport angleterre campagne excellence rugby

    Sport & English - Worth 10-16

    Near Horsham

    05.07 - 08.08.2020: 15 hrs English lessons + 15 hrs of sport per week: Football, dance, rugby, horse-riding. The newest addition to the sport-English stable :)

  • Sejour linguistique Angleterre sport anglais activite canoe

    Moorland Adventure 9 -15

    South-West England

    30.06 - 17.08.2019 : We adore this programme! English courses based on doing, lots of amazing adventure-based activities, and a truly convivial family atmosphere - all in a beautiful setting. Oh to be 12 again!

  • sejour linguistique Angleterre chez le prof immersion totale anglais en famille

    Teacher's Home: 10-17

    In teacher's home

    Is there a better way to learn? We don't think so.. Your child will live and learn from the teacher in the teacher's home. Private lessons, family environment. The most complete immersion possible. Excursions and activities included.

  • camp ete anglais football Chelsea angleterre pour jeunes enfant ado

    Nike+Chelsea FC Football + English 9-12, 12-17

    Close to London (Chartehouse) / Close du Bournemouth (Canford)

    06.07 - 16.08.2020: Chelsea FC Football Foundation and English at the same camp? You bet! Top coaching offering 12.5 hrs of English lessons and 17.5 hrs of football per week in association with Nike.

    • Close to London (Chartehouse) / Close du Bournemouth (Canford)
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  • apprendre l anglais tennis camp ete action

    Nike Tennis + English 10-17

    Near Brighton - Lancing College

    06.07 - 16.08.2020: Improve your tennis and your English with Nike! Take from between 20-34 hours of tennis a week (depending on programme) and 0 - 12.5 hours of English lessons. Top coaching for hot-shots available.

  • Sejour linguistique Angleterre camp ete sport aventure excursion en canoe

    Sports Adventure Plumpton 13-16

    Plumpton, near Brighton

    30.06-11.08.2020: A summer language camp for adventure lovers! A great mix of English classes and exciting sports: mountain-biking, kayak, sailing, rafting, horse-riding, climbing...

  • ecole d anglais musique anglais Clayesmore camp ete cours de chant

    Music & English - Worth 10-16

    Iwerne Minster (Sth-West)

    05.07 - 08.08.2020: Each week 15 hrs English classes + 15 hrs singing tuition. If music is your aeroplane, this is your runway! Fly, baby, fly! A fantastic singing programme with English for young vocal stars.

  • ecole d anglais musique anglais seaford camp ete eleves en cours de musique

    Music & English - Seaford 10-16

    Petworth (not Seaford!!)

    05.07 - 15.08.2020: Do 15 hrs English + 15 hrs music per week: Instrument or singing this is a great programme for young musicians who want to improve and get inspired at an awesome summer camp.

  • Sejour linguistique Angleterre camp ete anglais activites salon

    OBH: English-Activities 12-15

    1 hr from Cambridge

    12.07 - 08.08.2020: Ssshh! A summer English language summer camp programme with hardly any French-speakers! Residential accommodation, great courses by a TOP 5 language school, and awesome activities for teens. A favourite! Book early...

  • ecole d anglais camp ete enfant anglais activitees ecole

    Moreton Hall Kids 9-13

    30 min. from Cambridge

    05.07 - 01.08.2020: Our most trusted, enjoyable and safe camp for young learners, this is a great first English summer language camp experience. Run by one of the TOP % English schools in England quality is assured, security second-to-none. And it's fun!

  • Sejour linguistique Angleterre camp ete anglais activite jeune excursion

    English, Arts, STEM, Coding King Ed's 10-13

    King Edward's: 1hr SW of London

    07.07 - 04.08.2020 : A top quality, limited size programme of 15-22 hrs of English/wk and cool options in a beautiful English boarding school. Teens love it, learn and often return.

  • Sejour linguistique Angleterre ecole privee anglais intensif activite cours

    Global English 13-17

    Earlscliffe near Folkstone

    28.06 - 15.08.2020 :Amazing English course. Amazing activities an an excellent private school in Folkestone open during the summer school holidays. 23 hrs/week of English & great activities & excursions. Minimum level B1.

  • stage linguistique anglais londres centre ados photo by jurica koletic

    London anglais intensif 13-16 years


    30.06 - 28.07.2020: The perfect place for young adults to improve their English while learning on a university campus in the heart of London. 25 hrs of very high quality English courses per week and a little (controlled) freedom make this a great experience for mature adolescents.

  • Sejour linguistique Angleterre camp ete ados anglais activitees ecole vue

    Oxford anglais intensif 13-16

    St Hilda's College, Oxford

    30.06 - 11.08.2020 : A great programme offering both intensive English courses and a bit freedom on one of the most historic Oxford University College campuses. A great experience of English student life for mature teenagers.

  • sejour linguistique angleterre anglais et coding sai kiran anagani

    English & Coding 13-16

    Plumpton: Nr. Brighton

    30.06 - 28.07.2020: A summer camp offering English lessons and computer coding ? This is not a dream, and it is happening here in Plumpton ! 15 hours of English + 7.5 hours of computer coding per week, plus many activities and excursions.

  • stage linguistique anglais animaux angleterre campagne jeunes ado amoureux des animaux

    English & Animal Care 13-16

    Plumpton: Nr. Brighton

    30.06-28.07.2020: A summer camp offering English lessons and Animal Care. Learn how to take care of small animals while improving your English ! 15 hours of English + 7.5 hours of animal care per week, plus activities and excursions.

  • Sejour linguistique Angleterre camp ete sport aventure en cours d anglais

    English & Activities Plumpton 13-16

    Plumpton : Near Brighton

    23.06 - 11.08.2020: Love comfort, animals, English? The Plumpton English & Activities programme is situated in the countryside about 20 minutes from Brighton. 22.5hrs of English + lots of excursions and activities. Horse-riding on option!

  • Sejour linguistique Angleterre ecole privee anglais intensif activite exterieur

    Earlscliffe Easter 8-17

    Earlscliffe, near Folkstone

    04.04 - 17.04.2020: An awesome Easter programme for young learners offering lots of English (23 hrs/week) and wonderful activities. 1 or 2 weeks.

  • stage d anglais angleterre immersion avec les anglais enfants jeunes etudiants cours exterieur

    English with the English 11-14

    Cothill, Oxford

    14.07 -18.08.2019 : Learn English in the mornings then integrate with local English students at midday for afternoon and evening activities. Add a cool, extra activity to create a truly extraordinary experience.

  • sejour linguistique Angleterre ecole privee serieux anglais activites carte

    Sedbergh Adventure: 9-16

    Sedbergh : NW England - 1h30 North of Manchester

    30.06 - 17.08.2019 : Summer at one of England's most respected schools. Extra excellent English courses PLUS a huge list of activities make this programme different. Add private grounds with own village, very few French-speakers, smaller size and location make this one of the most incredible programmes available - at a non-exclusive price!

    • Sedbergh : NW England - 1h30 North of Manchester
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  • Sejour linguistique Angleterre ecole privee anglais intensif activite ecole exterieur

    Mini MBA 15-17

    Earlscliffe near Folkstone

    28.06 - 15.08.2020 : For young students intending to study commerce or business management in the future, this summer programme at one of England's leading 6th Form Colleges is a great way to improve their CV and university applications.

  • Sejour linguistique Angleterre camp ete universitees anglaises etudes avancees cour ecole

    Advanced Studies 16-18

    Cambridge or Oxford: Colleges

    28.06 - 08.08.2020 : Here’s an amazing opportunity to enrol in summer programmes at the renowned Oxford and Cambridge universities. Take advantage of this programme and get a feel for student life in these world-class university towns.

  • Sejour linguistique Angleterre Cambridge camp ete ados anglais management prise de parole

    Young Leaders 16-18

    Oxford University: Pembroke College

    30.06 - 04.08.2020 : An advanced programme that has everything but classic classes; study and learn based around group projects, seminars, workshops and presentations to enhance your English, communication and life skills.

  • Sejour linguistique Angleterre camp ete ado en famille Cambridge anglais activites jeux

    Teen home-stay 14-16: Cambridge

    Girton, Cambridge

    21.06 - 01.08.2020: One of the rare home stay family programmes we recommend - because it is excellent quality! families close to the school, fun activities, serious language courses :) all in a beautiful Cambridge neighbourhood.

  • Sejour linguistique Angleterre camp ete ado en famille anglais activites cours danglais ballade sur riviere

    Chester English & activities 13-16

    England (Nth) (1hr from Manchester / Liverpool)

    24.06 - 10.08.2019: Half way between Liverpool and Manchester, the small town of Chester is the ideal location for a study abroad English language course; it certainly doesn’t lack unique attractions or activities.

    • England (Nth) (1hr from Manchester / Liverpool)
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  • Sejour linguistique Angleterre camp ete enfant ado bord de mer anglais activites kayak groupe

    English by the sea 8-18

    Sidmouth, Devon (Sth coast)

    English language and activities programme in a seaside English village with accommodation in local host families. Summer programme for all ages and open year round for 14-17 year olds. Excellent quality and awesome value for money.

  • sejour linguistique Angleterre complet cours comme des anglais ete academique anglais activites etudes

    English & Academics Taunton 13-17

    Taunton, near Bristol

    29.06. - 10.08.2019: Wow! 15 hours of English + 10 hours of academic subjects each week PLUS cool activities, excursions and accommodation in an exclusive English boarding school. Awesome for students who want something extra and will study in English.

  • sejour linguistique angleterre ecole secondaire academique totale immersion ecole

    International Study Centre 12-17

    Southern England (nr Warminster)

    An British College for international students giving students the chance to learn English in a normal academic environment.This excellent International Study Centre is a secondary school for international students wishing to improve their English while also continuing to study standard academic subjects.