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The AvL Aventure Linguistique Canadian High School Programme gives students aged 13 - 17/18 years the opportunity to study at a typical Canadian Public High School while living with a Canadian family.

This programme is first and foremost a High School experience programme. That is, the experience of being a High School student in Canada rather than an English-learning programme per se. Students will improve their English thanks to the immersive nature of the programme, and where necessary can also receive some English language support. However, to really make the most of this programme students should have a relatively good level of English to start with: strong A2 - B1.

The application process is quite rigorous. You will need to provide, for example, 2 years of school reports, letters of recommendation from your school as well as vaccination records etc. That said, you don't have to be a great student - just normal is fine!

Because of the structure of Canadian Public Schools, it is the School Board managing a number of schools in a region that selects the specific school for you. This is done on the basis of your interests (subjects, sports) and the location of the most suitable family for you.
The families are chosen by the school based on your interest and requests in the application and normally have links to the school. Sometimes they have children of a similar age - though this is not guaranteed.

Thanks to the District School Board structure we offer a number of schools in two separate regions (School Board Districts) that are typically Canadian (rather than cosmopolitan), and that offer well-developed high quality programmes for international students. One district is about 2.5 hours from Toronto, the other in Central Southern Canada (some distance from Calgary).

This is a programme with which we have had an enormous success. It is particularly good for students who:

  • can't wait to go to Canada
  • like school
  • would like a break from their studies at home for whatever reason
  • have finished their studies but are not yet ready for university etc
  • enjoy speaking and learning English
  • are sociable and make friends easily
  • are open to new experiences 
  • are adaptable
  • have a certain amount of independence
  • can commit for one semester or an academic year
    • (3 months occasionally possible )

What to do next?
If this sounds like it might be of interest to your child then talk to us. We'll send you some more information about the schools and a quote.

But how much? (an indication, please!)
As a rule though then general cost of the programme is about $11,000 CAD for a semester (half-year) or $22,000 CAD for an academic year which covers almost everything : tuition, accommodation etc.
You will need to add some incidental expenses to that.


Veuillez nous contactez pour les infos spécifiques.


Juste ces quelques lignes pour vous donner des nouvelles de Benjamin. Il vit à Belleville une très belle expérience. L'adaptation s'est faite très rapidement grâce à la famille Clements qui est très aimante et accueillante, il est très heureux et surtout bien dans sa peau, le plus important à mes yeux au vu de la situation familiale. Sa famille le trouve vraiment adorable et facile, nous sommes allés les trouver début octobre, et ils nous ont parlé de Benjamin comme si il était leur fils ! Ses résultats scolaires sont très bons et l'apprentissage de la langue se fait chaque jour. Benjamin avait choisi l'anglais comme 2ème langue mais dès le prochain semestre il la prendra comme langue principale. Pour l'instant, il fréquente les étudiants étrangers plutôt que ceux canadiens, mais cela va venir. Benjamin a beaucoup d'affinité avec Hugo, le fils cadet des Cléments, qu'il considère comme son petit frère! Alors voilà, tout va bien pour lui et nous ne regrettons pas d'avoir franchi la porte de votre agence et pris la décision de partir au Canada pour un an. Merci à vous et à toute l'équipe! Avec mes meilleures salutations

Catherine V., maman de Benjamin