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With a reputation as one of the most beautiful cities in the world, Vancouver is a destination that everyone should visit at least once in their lifetime! Nestled in a beautiful park near a river at the base of a stunning mountain range, this study abroad English language camp takes place on Simon Fraser College campus. Designed specifically for 13 to 17 year olds, you probably can’t find a more picturesque location to learn English! The high quality curriculum has proven time and again that you can rapidly improve your language skills while enjoying an array of awesome outings, excursions, creative activities and sports. The course is cleverly structured to ensure that you have the chance to discover the region and its activities while perfecting your English and making lots of new friends. This is in part due to the high teacher-student ratio, the friendly staff and the great atmosphere, which help make this an experience of a lifetime. You’ll also have the choice to stay on campus or with a host family. This study abroad language camp takes place on a university campus, in a safe and secure setting, with great facilities. The perfect environment in which to learn English!

English Courses

You’ll take 20 English lessons every week, in classes of no more than 15 students. Canadians have a reputation for being friendly and helpful; the teachers on this programme embody just that! These experienced professionals go to length to assist you in improving your confidence in speaking and writing, so you’re bound to complete this programme having made great improvements. Activities In addition to day time sports, evenings at this camp are packed with activities, including discos on Friday nights, karaoke and quizzes. Indoor games are also organised, where you’ll also have the chance to go up against your coaches! Younger students are accommodated permanently on campus, while students aged 15 to 17 are accompanied on outings to the cinema, bowling etc.


One full-day outing is organised mid-week, in addition to two half-day trips, during which you’ll explore this beautiful region. Excursions include trips to the mountains, visits to islands surrounding Vancouver and beaches on the Pacific Ocean or an outing to the city centre. Other visits, such as a trip to the water park, aquarium, and various museums are also organised. There’s also time set aside for shopping, too! Who will be there? Participants on this course come from all over the world and are divided into groups according to their age and level of English. This is a great environment in which you’ll easily make friends your age; friendships which can last a lifetime!


  • Classes of 15 students max.
  • Day and evening activities for students on campus
  • Certificate, report, T-Shirt


Airport transfers (arrival & departures):

Vancouver International


Arrival & Depart SUNDAYS:
08:00 - 20:00
Out of hours transfers possible for surcharge.

Sample Timetable

TIME Sunday Monday Tuesday Wednesday Thursday Friday Saturday
7h30-8h15 Wake-up and breakfast
9h00-12h15 Arrival

English courses

English courses

English courses

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English courses English courses


Create your Adventure


Activities 1


Excursion: Half-day

Activities 1 Activities 1 Excursion: Half-day
14h45-15h00 Changement Changement Changement
 15h00-16h30 Activities 2 Activities 2 Activities 2
16h30-17h45 Some time in the residence   Some time in the residence
  Welcome BBQ Dinner Diner   Dinner Dinner
 19h15-21h00  Amazing Race  Shopping  Email/games/art projects Swimming  Carnival Disco 
 21h00-22h00       Conversation Club
22h00-23h00 Some time in the residence
Lights OUT
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