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You know that speaking Chinese will be more than just an asset in the future … and you know that it’s one language where it’s better to start early. Here is your chance.
This extraordinary opportunity gives you (or your child) the chance to get into Chinese from an early age.

Learn Mandarin Chinese in the mornings from Monday - Friday, then take part in a cool activity and cultural programme in the afternoon. You’ll do everything from Shaolin KungFu lessons to Beijing Opera mask-painting.
Every Saturday there is a day-trip excursion, visiting the Great Wall, Water Cube Park or other cool stuff in Beijing.

Two programmes are available: Homestay or Residential

Homestay is a great way of discovering Chinese cultural (and practicing your Chinese!).
You’ll have a single room, and half-board accommodation (full-board Sunday).
Monday - Saturday you’ll have breakfast and dinner with your hosts. Then on Sunday you’ll spend the day with them like a regular member of the family participating in social activities and family trips.
And don’t worry, you don’t have to have any experience of Chinese to live in a homestay! they are all super-experienced at hosting international students. They will even bring you to school on the first day, so you know how to get there (and home!)

Residential accommodation is in shared rooms. There is a programme coordinator who lives on site, organising the activities, supporting and supervising all participants. You’ll make friends and eat all your meals together either home at the residence, at the school or in local restaurants.

Chinese Language Courses

This programme offers 20h per week (9:00-13h00) of Chinese language classes.

A typical week might look like this:
Monday, Wednesday and Friday, focus on oral skills (speaking)
Tuesday and Thursday is character class (writing oriented)
So yes, before you ask, you do study the 4 language abilities (Reading, Writing, Listening, Speaking).

Before students arrive there is a skype assessment with the Director of Studies so she can have a better understanding of your language level and place you in the best class available.
Of course if you’re a complete beginner, there is no need for the assessment. :)) 

Excursions and activities

Every Saturday there’s a full day excursion, and every afternoon, Monday to Friday there are cultural activities either at school or in and around Beijing. That could mean KungFu or even visiting a local High School.
Sundays are activity days if you are in the residence or hanging out with your homestay.

Arrivals & Departures

Arrival day is Sunday
Departure days is Saturday