Wait ... IS YOUR passport STILL valid?

(Generally, you passport needs to be valid for 6 months after your leaving date)

NB ! The information on this page is a guide to help you make organising your trip a little easier. That said, all requirements necessitated by the trip (vaccinations, customs requirements, insurance, visas, passports, currency etc etc) are your responsibility. Please also be aware that the conditions of entry to a country can differ according to the nationality of the student. The information below is mainly for Swiss and European passport holders.

Please then, always check the information with an representative of your destination country (embassy, consulate, permanent mission or official website) as regards to your passort.


Site :

In general : you don't need a visa for language courses less than 6 months long. Only a ETA is required.

No working allowed.
It is harder now (2014) to have work-study rights. Ask us about what is possible.


Depending on your nationality, and thanks to the bilateral agreemenst you don't need a visa/permit to study or work in in Ireland, the UK or other countries in the EU - if you are a Swiss or European passport holder, that is.
We strongly recommend that all students under 18 travel on their passport and not their ID card.


Official Site:

Less than 12 weeks study: 
Tourist visa (12 weeks of study max and then possibility to travel - 9 months in total) - For a stay of maximum 3 months (including tuition and travel), NZeTa is required. 
More than 12 weeks study:Student visa required. You get it through London. It takes about 10 days...about. (They are very efficient.)
More than 14 weeks study: You can work 20 hours per week (on a full-time course)
Work Holiday Visa: French passport holders and other listed European nationalities can get this visa (Not available to Swiss)
Duration: 12 months
Age: 18 - 30 years
Max study: 6 months!
*Can't accept a permanent job
*Applications on-line only

More information:

Paris embassy:

English website

Site en français
Geneva (not an embassy or visa info point)

New Zealand Permanent Mission to the UNO and WTO

Ch. des Fins 2

1218 Grand-Saconnex 1211 Genève
, Téléphone 022 929 03 50 Fax 022 929 03 74


Official Site:

Almost everything is done by electronic application over the Internet. It is very well done! Swiss and French generally have their student visas in 24-48 hours.
Less than 12 weeks study (3 months): Eletronic Tourist visa. Must be doen from outside Australia - see your travel agent or do it yourself. Easy!

More than 12 weeks study (13 weeks & more) : 
Student Visa required (about $565)
- You can work 20 hours/week with this visa.

Less than 12 weeks study, followed by some holidays

- Tourist visa (6 or 12 months)
 No work rights!
 You can apply from with Australia to exptend your trip or from outside Australia.
Work Holiday visa
- available to French and other nationalities.

- Australia’s working holiday visa programme (Subclass 417) is currently open to citizens of 19 countries: Belgium, Canada, Cyprus, Denmark, Estonia, Finland, France, Germany, Hong Kong, Ireland, Italy, Japan, South Korea, Malta, Netherlands, Norway, Sweden, Taiwan, UK

South Africa

Official site:
In Switzerland:

The Ambassador

c/o Consular Section

South African Embassy

Alpenstrasse 29

Bern 6

Tél: +41313501313 
FAX: +41313501310
No visa needed for less than 3 months, otherwise you need a study permit.

Please note, visa applications are different from Australia and New Zealand in that you need to start before having finished your school enrolment!

The United States of America

Official site, US Department of State :
To pay your SEVIS fee (on line)  (last updated May 2018) :
To complete the DS-160 :
In general, you need a student visa and a biometric passport for any course that has more than 18 hours study per week.
You'll get an officlal letter from the school (normally through us) to be used in your visa application. In all cases you'll need to go to the closest US Embassy for an interview. Watch out for the wait for an appointment - sometimes you can wait 6 - 12 weeks for an appointment, depending on the emabassy.

The cost, the documents that you need and the procedure to follow etc are all available on the official website.