At some point in the near future spanish will be the most spoken language in the United States. It's already the second most widely spoken language in the country. Add to this the beautiful spanish of the South American nations, central America like Mexico, Latin America and of course Spain you have quickly done a world tour.

When you learn spanish you not only open a world of people and possibilities, but also the most incredible literature, cultures and lands. 

At Aventure Linguistique we offer you the possibility to learn spanish all around the world - in Spain, in Cuba, in South America.
Not only that you can also do some amazing volunteer programmes and contribute a little to the countries in which you are learning.
Learning spanish need not be hard work. It should be fun and an incredible adventure - that's why we are Aventure Linguistique!

  • sejour linguistique cours espagnol amerique du sud argentine buenos aires photo by kevin young


    Argentina, perhaps the most European and European-influenced of all the South American countries.

  • sejour linguistique amerique du sud espagnol chili photo by pablo garcia


    This is the place for an adventure! This is where you can learn and be moved, soaking up Spanish from the people as much as the environment.  The long, thin stripe of Chile's Pacific coast extends for almost 4300km top to bottom.

  • Sejour linguistique Costa Rica photo by Shannon Kunkle

    Costa Rica

    In Costa Rica, nature rules all! Over 60% of Costa Rican territory is protected as natural parks, where diverse flora and fauna thrive.

  • sejour linguistique espagnol cuba photo by alexander kunze


    Destination idéale pour apprendre l'espagnol au soleil, dans un environnement unique ! Partez en séjour linguistique à Cuba et vous vivrez l'île intégralement.

  • sejours linguistiques jeunes adultes espagnol espagne photo by maia eli


    Are you going to be one of the thousands of happy students who choose Spain as their Mediterranean destination for learning Spanish each year? With a culture so rich, landscape so varied and such unique historical cities, Spain, as a place to improve your Spanish will astound you.

  • sejour linguistique amerique du sud espagnol equateur photo by andres medina


    The Andes, the Amazon, the Galapagos and the Pacific beaches make up Ecuador’s four distinct climatic zones – which means that you can visit Ecuador anytime throughout the year and always find something new to explore! Few countries in Latin America can boast such diversity.