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A Spanish language school in the centre of beautiful Valencia. Two great buildings (there's even a pond!), modern facilities like interactive whiteboards, experienced and qualified teachers, and a very friendly welcome in one of the sunniest coastal cities in Spain. Here is a great place to advance your Spanish.

A hop, skip and a jump from the mediterranean beaches, you can pick from a range courses: general Spanish, exams, business Spanish and cultural lessons to help you reach your objectives. The school's professed aim is not just that you learn, but learn as quickly as possible, while enjoying yourself and getting a taste of Spain. With this professionalism in a beautiful environment, learning and Spanish can only come easily.

  • What's great here !

    The focus is on communication and learning quickly. Two very good points for a language school.

  • Why do we like this school ?

    Because Valencia is generally a great town and a great place to learn Spanish.

  • Who is this school for ?

    For everyone of course, but perhaps if this is your first time away to learn Spanish, it's an easy place to start. It's a city with a beautiful old town, lots of life and beaches to run for.

  • Outside of School

    It's going to be pretty hard for you not to have a good time in Valencia with other students from all around the world, while you're improving your langauge skills. You can go cultural at famous festivals like Las Fallas in March or La Tomatina (if you're into being covered in tomatoes) in August, or visit museums and stroll through the old town while the Spaniards sleep during siesta.  But with 360 days of sunshine a year, you might want to consider doing homework at the beach, then heading out for tapas and warm evenings with friends outdoors.

    The school organises a range of activities, oriented around you practicing your Spanish as well as discovering the city and its surrounding area. There are usualy 4 free activities organised each week. Others activities are available at a small cost (depending on what the activity is of course.

    Some examples:

    • City tour & Welcome Party
    • Paëlla evenings, tapas-crawl, film club, dance classes, etc
    • Beach picnics, sports tournaments, shopping
    • Museum visits, sightseeing, art exhibitions, etc



Tout c'est très bien passé. Le séjour a été trop rapide hélas. Le chauffeur du transfert été là à l'heure et de bonne humeur. L'appartement était correct. L'école et les profs ont été super! A l'écoute et amicaux. L'administration a aussi été très serviable quand je leur ai demandé de changer de classe afin de mieux progressé. Je recommande vivement cette école très chaleureuse.

Sandra-Flore D.

Good afternoon,
I thought you would like some pictures so here they are.The family is great they are very nice with me and always very helpful whenever I need them. The school is amazing I feel as if I am learning soooo fast and it's only the first day of the third week, the schedules are great because we have school either in the afternoon or in the morning so we can get enough sleep and enjoy the day at the beach. Yes everything is perfect. Thanks a lot for helping me get to this school! Warm regards.

Victoria R.

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