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This is where our Director (Denis) would go to learn Spanish! This excellent school is exactly the type of school we love at Aventure Linguistique - small, personal, professional, ultra-friendly and... right on the beach. Yes, walk out the back of the school (past the swimming pool) and there it is, the beach! You can walk for miles in either direction, stopping every now and then at a beachside café for an ice-cream or some light refreshment. (Nowhere else in Spain can you do this!!)

Being at the beach isn't everything though. Just down the road from Malaga you get to escape the big city and have all the advantages of being in a typically Spanish neighbourhood. Top it off with excellent classes from qualified Spanish teachers, very small groups (8 students max!), a focus on communication and materials created just for your course and you've got the perfect mix.

We can't recommend this school enough. Contact us now and let us organise everything for you!
Hot tip times to go, May, June, September, October - not so HOT and less tourists.

  • What's great here !

    Location: You can't beat it.
    Size: Small and personal

  • Why do we like this school ?

    We love the people, the welcome, the professionalism... and the beach!

  • Who is this school for ?

    Anyone who wants to escape the big Malaga-based language schools and receive a far more personal approach, while still being able to make the most of this spectacular region.

  • Outside of School

    We could say ... you know ... but we are not going to. The school organises a bunch of optional activities for getting out and about and exercising your Spanish. The region is packed with stuff to do, so if you find yourself at a loose end, it won't be for long.
    Kayaking, stand up paddle, horse-riding on the beach, free concerts, flamenco, tapas tour... and more