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The Spark Institute in El Puerto de Santa Maria was simply born out of a passion for teaching Spanish as a foreign language. This language school excels in providing courses that address students’ various interests and needs. Based on the solid foundations of the founders’ experience, energy and know-how, every detail of your study abroad Spanish course has been carefully though through, setting the bar very high and ensuring you have a great time. The language courses on offer are of an excellent quality and available for students of all ages. Spark Institute works to ensure that you’ll have every opportunity to practice your Spanish both within the classroom and outside. They’ve even established a system to track your progression and make sure you’re happy with the pace at which you’re learning!

In addition, the Institute has an amazing residence in the same building as the language school "Sparkville". Sparkville is a little cocoon where students live and learn next language teachers and other staff, in a calm and friendly atmosphere.

We think this is an awesome small place to study Spanish in a very Spanish environment far from tourists - it's the kind of place that the Spanish go to on holiday - but still having Seville an hour away on the train at weekends so you can do the more international thing if you'd like to.

  • What's great here !

    • The charming atmosphere in Sparkville’s ‘cocoon’ where students live and learn! 
    • The Spark Learning Booklet, a unique leaning tool for Spanish language students.
  • Why do we like this school ?

    For its quality AND authenticity.
    For its location in a city that has everything to offer

  • Who is this school for ?

    For those who want to discover Spain – off the beaten track!
    For those looking for a place near the beaches
    For the ones that like being closely looked after

  • Outside of School

    With a rich culture and history, El Puerto de Santa Maria has tons of daytime attractions for visitors. The town’s great bars, restaurants and other nightlife, also guarantee fantastic evenings in this charming town in the South of Andalusia. The language school here understands the importance of engaging in a social scene outside of the classroom to maximise your chances of practicing – and improving – your Spanish skills. Lots is organised, including wine tasting, shows and trips into the surrounding countryside so that no matter what you choose to do after class, you’ll practice your conversational Spanish and improve quickly!