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Yanapuna is three different organisations combined into one: a professional language school, a volunteer organisation and an active NGO that supports sustainable development. The language school’s primary goal is to provide high quality Spanish courses and pair these with a series of additional activities, both for language students and volunteers. 

That’s what’s helped make this school one of the best in Ecuador. With a reputation for innovation and academic excellence, Yanapuma Spanish School also employs internationally recognised Cervantes Institute teaching methods. If you’ve always dreamt of travelling to Latin America but been a bit apprehensive about taking on this new adventure, Yanapuma is a great place to start.
Students are welcomed in a stable, safe environment where you’ll learn Spanish until you reach a level that you’re comfortable with. The school will then help orient you according to your next steps whether it be travel, tourism or volunteer activities in Ecuador. As an active member of the AECEE, an association that brings together the best schools in the country, Yanapuma has a sister school in Cuenca and even offers the option of taking classes in different locations during your stay in the country. This variety of study abroad options is one of the strengths of this Spanish language school. Last but not least, Yanapuma language school is incredibly well located in Quito’s historic centre where there’s a ton of stuff going on – if you’ve got enough energy you could see a show every night of the week!

  • What's great here !

    The school’s association with an NGO foundation gives you the chance to discover several different facets of the country and provides plenty of opportunities to get involved.

  • Why do we like this school ?

    We really like the travelling classroom option - not only do you discover different parts of this intriguing country with a guide but you’ll also improve your Spanish along the way!

  • Outside of School

    Yanapuma language school organises loads of cool activities for its students on a regular basis. Amongst these are free salsa classes, cooking classes, movie nights, outings to watch to football matches, club nights and of course visits to different sites outside of Quito. This Spanish language school makes a big effort in organising fun and engaging activities as they understand that an important aspect of any successful study abroad trip depends on the social side – not just classes! Above all, Yanapuma looks to make sure that you’ll feel at home during your stay with them.