A small city in the middle of the island, lost in the Cuban countryside, Trinidad is must-see spot for all wanting to discover Cuba. Long before you arrive you can hear the bells ringing out from the middle of the village, and once there it's the incredibly warm atmosphere, this Cuban welcome, that strikes you. Somehow it's a city that is at once calm as well as festive every night of the week.

The mojitos flow and the dancing starts at sunset. Locals and visitors mix easily either in the streets or in the small city bars. Excellently situated a dozen minutes from the beach, Trinadad is heaven for dive-lovers and for those looking for a bit of calm and a lot of authenticity.

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    Trinidad de Cuba

    The Spanish courses in Trinidad share the particularity of the courses all over Cuba: classes in mini-groups of 2 or 3 students, given not in a school building but either where you live or at the teacher's home. This is the Cuban version of school: small but authentic.