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Just like the other "schools" in Cuba, Santiago de Cuba is the school that isn't a school. No building, no fixed abode .. instead your classes take place where you stay (in the family's home) or in the home of your teacher or sometimes in a local cultural centre.
This is the adventure of a lifetime. An amazing way to improve your Spanish in small groups, maximum of 3 in a lesson in a total immersion situation.

As the artistic capital of Cuba there are lots of galleries for you to explore, cultural centres and artists to meet and practice your Spanish on.

  • What's great here !

    Here it's the art and culture available in Santiago that marks it apart from the other centres.

  • Why do we like this school ?

    It's the most amazing opportunity to dive into a language and a culture.

  • Who is this school for ?

    People who do well here are confirmed language travellers, interested in new cultures, Cuban culture and Central America in particular, willing to let go and the all-inclusive package and get off the beaten track to do some exploring.

  • Outside of School

    Santiago de Cuba and the surrounding area is full of great things to do. Once you've discovered the city (that's going to keep you busy enough) you can start exploring everything in the local area, the beaches and sea-side, the old forts, the seafood. You'll meet locals more than willing to share their culture, and with one overwhelming, insatiable desire: to know what's going on elsewhere! Enough to keep you practicing your Spanish all the time...

    Furthermore the local school rep is there to suggest activities to students short of ideas, and give you a local's guide to the place as well as help you organise the best possible time.