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What's different about studying Spanish in Cuba? Everything! It's nothing like your standard language school in other parts of the world.

First of all, there's no school - well, no school building with classrooms, computer room, library etc etc. instead the classes take place at home: either at the teacher's place, at your home stay or at a local cultural centre.

Secondly, the courses are all in mini-classes ... really mini classes - groups of 2 or 3 people max. So let's just say that the attention you'll receive here is somewhat greater than in a class of 15 (and even that is not a very big class), helping you progress even more quickly than normal.

Thirdly, Cuba as an exotic destination, tends to attract students a bit older on average than at other language schools, so a large majority of the students are in their early 30s.

And finally, because you stay with Cuban families you have real contact with the locals. And Havana is the big city of Cuba with its plazas, big, old historiques buildings, museums (yes, and those cars).

It's the perfect place to learn Spanish and discover a typical Latin-American city.

  • What's great here !

    That it offers a total immersion experience in Havana that's second-to-none with courses taking place either at your hosts or in the teacher's home.

  • Why do we like this school ?

    We all want to go there because our clients rave about it, and for a language-travel junky Cuba is way up on the list!

  • Who is this school for ?

    People who love Spanish and want to get to know Havana from the inside.

  • Outside of School

    The rendez-vous point for meeting up with our contact person on the ground is also the starting point for all the after school activities.

    This is where you'll meet up with other students for those wanting to head out into the night for a coffee (Cuban coffee, mmmm!), or for a weekend excursion.

    For example, excursions to tourist spots around the city like Varadero in the Vinales Valley are available for students to join, but are of course, completely optional. 



L'accueil le mardi matin avec mon professeur d'español était simple et informel, vu que c'est un bonhomme plus que sympathique et ponctuel, il était la dans la rue à m'attendre et le cours à débuté sur le chemin de la casa où d'autres étudiants et moi avions une évaluation a passer!
Le même soir, rendez-vous dans la maison d'Ornelio, après un petit discours sur les do's and dont's, c'était une bonne occasion pour pouvoir organiser mes cours de piano avec eux et retrouver les autres étudiants autour d'un verre pour échanger nos toutes premières impressions avec des yeux pétillants mais fatigués de nos longs voyages et du jet lag prédominant.

Voilà voilà pour l'heure quelques nouvelles en plus!

Jessica S.

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