This is the place for an adventure! This is where you can learn and be moved, soaking up Spanish from the people as much as the environment. 

The long, thin stripe of Chile's Pacific coast extends for almost 4300km top to bottom. Not surprisingly, the landscape is incredibly varied thanks as much to the differences in climate from North to South as to altitude.

In the North, for example, lies the Atacama desert, the driest region on the planet, with its salt flats and famous flamingos. For almost the entire length of the country ranges the spine of the Andes, peaks with ever-present snow, the lamas and altiplano.

You can't talk about Chile nowadays without mentioning wine, now world-renown and emanating form the vineyards in the centre of the country. Then, in the south the mountains give way to the plains and steppes, fiords and glaciers of Patagonia and the end the earth!

As if to cap it off, the Easter Islands with those amazing statues of a lost civilzation are also part of one of the most extraordinary countries on the planet. A country that must be explored and an awesome way to learn Spanish.

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    Santiago Central

    City centre

    This great language school is located in the middle of Santiago, close to the main shopping streets where you'll find not only everything you need and cafés for a relaxing break, but a conveniently located metro station, too.